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  • Capitalism is not the solution.

    Capitalism has advanced throughout the ages from mercantile and industrial capitalism to the present day corporate capitalism. Throughout this process we have observed that many positive changes have occurred, the abolition of slavery is in part due to the fact that companies required markets. However, we have reached a point where their greed will exceed the positive side of capitalism, if money continues to transcend borders at the current rate it is likely that they will be gone and with them the many diverse cultures we can observe throughout the world. I believe it is necessary that we become aware that diversity is having many separate cups which contain separate pretty little colours instead of one big horrible bowl of brown goo.

  • World Better Off without Globalization

    Yes, the world is better off without globalization as globalization does away with cultural differences that give the world its uniqueness. Under globalization, every nation is more or less the same, and this is sad because it ignores sometimes thousands of years of rich culture. Every nation should be able to preserve its culture.

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  • We can be better off with globalization

    Yet we are losing cutural diversity owing to globaliztion, human beings cannot live on merely rich culture. Globalization brings us too much material benefits which boosts economic growth immensely worldwide. With transnational cooperation, impoverished people from poor country are able to make a decent living and to avoid starving to death.

  • Globalization Is Good For Us

    The human race is better off with globalization. We are better able to understand people's positions around the world and interact around the world. This can lead to a better understanding during conflict and during times of peace. This also means that products can be produced at cheaper prices and more people can be pulled into the global economy.

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