• There isn't a way for us to be born evil. We are taught to be evil

    How are we born good? Right when we're born, We haven't committed a single act of sin, No lie, Nothing. We are taught to be evil, Our surroundings teach us to be evil. While we are young, We see acts of evil as good, Since those around us are seen as Role models, And we learn from them, The acts of evil they do, We copy as young kids.
    As we are born, We are good, We are not evil, Since when you're born, You have no way of being evil

  • It goes both ways

    We are naturally born good I agree with that statement. But say we are a sociopath we can't control it since we are naturally born like that and a lot of people can be born like that and in that case, We can't control it. It also depends on a style of parenting because if you're a neglectful parent in any way you're pushing that sort of behavior onto your child but also not all kids end up like that

  • Only good people are born good. Bad people are born bad.

    Good and evil cannot be choices we can make. One is positive and supportive of life, The other is deliberately destructive to life. Why would someone who is loving and caring want to destroy the lives of the ones they care about? There is no benefit to it, So if they started with love, Then they will stay with love and goodness.

    Evil people commit acts of evil for the simple reason they are not human and can never be. They are like biological machines that are programmed to destroy everything they touch. Like programmed wet-ware killer robots. They are just not human and thus our philosophies and dreams cannot be applied to them specfically. The only philosophy we need concern ourselves with as far as evil people are concerned, Is how do we get rid of them?

  • I think you might be racist

    This guy was very bad. He was born to mother that was evil and would not feed or cloth him. She would be with men and would have a lot of children from different fathers.
    The guy became a bad person and did bad thing and went to jail.
    And in jail he received Jesus and became a new man. The man is my uncle. He says that everyone is bad and doomed. And that even people who claim to be good are bad.
    Only Jesus can redeem us.

  • Kids are evil beings in masks!

    I think everyone is born bad because parents have to teach their kids many things in order to behave, Kids are bad even if they have tantrums. I hate kids, I don't find them cute. They act mean only when their parents aren't around and act like angels every other time.

  • No not exactly

    Hell, No we born perfect we're all flawed human beings and make many mistakes and trials and errors in life. If you think you're born perfect you're dead wrong! And if you wanna fight me over it then fight me a bitch. As human beings, We make mistakes again and again, Until we get things right. And y'all are all evil people including myself anyway, So. . . No nobody's perfect.

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