• Yes we are Lost.

    Our generation was lost due to the financiel crysis created by American bankers. Due to all the money getting lost (aka in the pockets of the rich) companies did not have the resources to hire and train our generation thus we were unable to get the experience we now need to get jobs. Companies now prefer to take older workers with more exsperience than us unexperienced youth we creates a spiral of depression and other mental problems. Speaking of older workers the reason they even have to look for work is due to the crysis since they could have been enjoying their pention by now but are unable due to it getting sucked up by the crysis. We have the resources and technology to make a world where everyone can live in comfort but due to the constraints of MONEY it is impossible. There are many solutions to solve this problem but right now our biggest problem lies with politics and big corporations controlling everything. Remember this phrase for it is true: People are stupid. They will believe a lie if they want or fear to believe its true. We are being lied to constantly, they say we are recovering from the crysis .... I don't see it we're still unemployed and not making money. The rich are still getting richer and the poor poorer. I say this now if the world and our generation is to be saved the old generation need to make way for us, teach us, show us the way so that we may make a better world for all.

  • Yes, the swag generation really is a reality.

    The 21st century is a century of neglectful parents, soaring social media profits, and a kind of abject narcissism not seen since the very depths of the dark ages in western Europe. Those of us not quite ready to become a Facebook zombie will inevitably be lost in a sea of forced anonymity and conceit.

  • Yes, we are.

    The fact of the matter is, we are indeed in danger of creating a lost generation. We are in dire financial straits as a nation, and need to do something serious to turn the tide. If we do not act soon, we will be much like Japan and will have a lost decade.

  • Yes, the generation will be among the lost.

    The generation that is being discussed is not involved in the things that will matter in the world. There is too much time devoted to social media and not enough time spent on educational exploits. The courses taught in schools are not preparing the generation for the future that will be faced.

  • Of course not!

    We are becoming a better generation. Kids are more tolerant to others for their beliefs and opinions, we are more nice and respectful to each other, we have stopped with obnoxious gender stereotypes. We have more improved values that logically you can't say there's anything wrong with them, but older generations were not brought up in such times so to them we're moral less and lost.

  • Every generation thinks the one after it is lost.

    Oh boy, are we at that point in the year already? This comes up in conversation with everyone older than 18 at least once every 12 months, and dating back a century or longer the consensus has always been that the generation coming after them is "wrong" or "bad"or "lost." Well, guess what? We're all still here and better and safer than at any other time in human recorded history, so no, this generation is no more or less "lost" than yours was.

  • It has already been created.

    No, our parents created a lost generation which has only further gotten worse. It will continue to get worse with each generation because people do not teach their children values anymore. I am all for equality for women, but as the women started working more and divorce rates increase, the children get lost in the wastes and are not taught the values that were around when our grandparents were brought up. At dinner now, everyone grabs a plate and runs off rather than sitting down and actually having a family meal and discussing how everyone's days went.

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