Are we creating the unknown through knowing? Is this the infinite loop (Alfa & Omega)?

Asked by: Abrakadabra
  • Yes, an unknown is created through knowing.

    It is the the thing that keeps us learning and searching deeper depths to try to find better and more sufficient answers. As 'Abrakadabra' stated up above, the "why" question leads to more and more questions even when the first question is answered. The fact is that the unknowns that are found by knowing are a great thing that keeps people striving for excellence and it feeds the human quest for knowledge.

    Posted by: DJH
  • Unknown, known, truth

    I searched years and asked the simple question "Why?"
    Could not be able to stop myself even I found the answer, the question repeat again "Why?"
    Still one question remain, if there is not an ultimate truth or knowledge than why can we not stop searching or what or whom is this about?

  • Truth is irreducible:

    There are two elements, axioms and truths, that are irreducible. They are self-sufficient and do not and cannot produce a question relative to their mechanical or tangible natures and the question transfers outside of the proper sphere into another to produce a different type of question altogether. For instance "Why am I here?" is a mechanical question, you're here, that's it, there is no "Why" unless you remove it from it's current state and try to superimpose it on another sphere such as philosophy which does not aim to answer this question in any rational way.

  • There will be a point to where knowing more will no longer be relevant.

    We could technically keep digging beyond the God Particle, but what physical or spiritual value would come from it unless we learn how to manipulate those particles?

    I guess before we keep digging we should as a species do this.

    1. Know what we want and set our priorities straight. Hopefully it will be good because it should be for the survival of our race.

    2. Solve the small problems first. Maybe we should learn how to not kill each other in wars before we attempt to find the secrets of life. We could do it. We just have to overcome the people who are human garbage.

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