Are we devolving as a species due to advanced media and advanced media technology?

Asked by: LiamMcPhersonFCC
  • We are devolving.

    My argument is that I think that because media and media technology is advancing very quickly, we are adapting to it and it is making us unsocial and lazy and therefore we are devolving as a species and if we continue to head the way we're heading, we might even return to more primitive stages. Then, we'll evolve more and then technology will advance, then we'll become more lazy, then we'll devolve back to more primitive stages and it will just become an endless cycle unless we stop and do something about.

  • It depends on your perception of what devolving is.

    Technology is a beautiful thing as it allows us to carry out regular, everyday tasks. For instance calling your mother, proofreading your paper, or in a broader sense providing electricity. The problem is that many have grown dependent upon technology. Even media technology. Believe it or not there are some that can't go a day with out their favorite reality t.v. show or updating their twitter feed. So being dependent on technology this much can caused a skipped gradient with basic survival, because those same people would rather occupy their time updating their twitter rather than learning how to hunt or trap because there is also a dependency on prepared foods, fast foods, etc. To say that the media technology will bring the human race to a primitive state is a stretch though. I think that if the majority continues to be hedonistic and narcissistic and have such a dependency on media technology or technology in general that there will be no desire for evolution among the people. So if you classify remaining stagnant in your growth or stunting your growth as a form of devolution then yes.

  • A simple thing like eye-glasses.

    Survival of the fittest no longer applies to us because of technology and it's causing undesirable traits to occur. I myself have extremely poor eyesight. A few thousand years ago in a hunter-gatherer society with glasses, I would have likely died of starvation before I could reproduce; which would have removed the possibility of having off-spring with poor eyesight.

  • Technology is the sign of civilization

    We are evolving as a civilized being here. As long as we create tools to improve and help our life, we are evolving to a better state. It cant be denied that media tech has help humans to improve our way to communicate.

    Devolving only means degradation, and if you are talking about the moral degradation, it is not due to our tech. These people who are morally devolving just because they fail to tame tech. They let it control them rather than doing otherwise.

  • We are evolving to suit our needs with technology

    Since many of us sit around all day and watch Netflix, we may as well adapt to that sort of environment in a way that we will depend on it for our own survival. That was just an example, but it applies to many things living in a society where we don't need out muscles or endurance to catch food for ourselves. We are evolving, but in a way that makes us unsuitable to live in the wild, as we can see in many attempts to do so by many people. We are evolving to depend on technology that continues to develope to do our daily tasks.

  • Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, kids.

    Given that there are several subcultures in the overall culture, there is now no selection process for survival. There are little to no mutations, and population is rising at a slow but steady rate.
    Culturally, we're both advanced and degenerate at the same time. A good example of comparison would be Manowar and (insert small-time gang-affiliated rapper here). Manowar is awesomeness saturated with manliness. The small-time urban rapper insults almost everyone out of his little group.

  • Due To Underlying Causes

    I would say that it is not the sole reason why many people seem to be devolving intellectually and socially. The true reason I suspect is other underlying causes such as emotional stress of the system we live under puts onto people with more burden on every future generation, and other social mindset problems and mental illnesses such as narcissism, etc.
    So, in summary, it's other mental problems caused by different things and is projected through social media simply because it was made for social interaction around the world, and people don't quite use it as it's supposed to be used or are extremely depressed, have anxiety, etc.
    Even the internet itself was originally made for just the transfer of data from one computer to the next (scientific data), but it was transformed into something much bigger.
    So, you can go in the direction to say that technology in general is making everyone less intelligent, but I would instead blame it on social corruption and technology is simply being used in a negative manor because of it.
    I for one actually do use the internet for social interaction around the world, and I use it for the accumulation and learning of information, which I think many people, if not all, should do.

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