• We only have so much

    Funding alternative energy sources is like funding scientific research. A lot of alternative energy isn't cost efficient at this point, so it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to put large amounts of taxpayer dollars towards a product that may or may not end up benefiting the American people. There are private companies that develop these technologies without taxpayer costs.

  • No, more needs to be done to fund alternative energy

    The reliance of the US on oil is one that has already proven dangerous. As a non-renewable resource, it is limited in its supply. Additionally, burning natural resources such as coal has been shown to negatively affect the environment. Given these two very basic facts, it should be obvious that a shift in energy generation is necessary. There should be more incentives for companies to produce goods utilizing these alternative methods at lower costs to consumers. Also, more information about existing incentives should be disseminated. For example, there are tax credits available to those who purchase electric or hybrid cards however not only are many are unaware of this but many are unable to afford the initial high costs of these automobiles.

  • More needs to be done

    As oil prices drop and that financial pressure is alleviated off the backs of the American public, we start to realize how important it is to save when it comes to energy costs. We rarely see any solar energy stations Available to provide electricity for electric cars or even on a larger scale at the utility companies. During winter months energy costs to individual families are astronomical. Imagine if the utility companies could lower prices due to obtaining energy from their own solar panels that could drive down costs to consumers. We could and should do much more.

  • More effort needed to fund alternative energy sources

    It is clear more effort is needed to fund alternative energy sources. Although the rise in energy prices spawned interest and entrepreneurial ideas in the field, it has since waned with the collapse of crude oil and natural gas prices. The U.S. government provides tax incentives, but more could be done, including a carbon tax.

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