• Even with safeguards there is a large chance of it.

    The world is due for its next big pandemic, 99 percent of the world population has bacteria such as staph on its skin. Our body has the power to fight off many of these pathogens but the problem is when there is a unknown pathogen. The H15N9 pathogen in 2003 which scared many of the population was a mild taste of a pandemic we have had in the last half a century. There was a study in 2010 that said that 75 percent of americans had lethal pathogens on there skin and another 23 percent had increasingly dangerous pathogens such as the rotavirus, amberlee, and strains of MRSA all which are painful deaths. We have a fragile infrastructure in america which is maintained on a even more fragile balance. One small variable can tip it, Patient X can infect upwards of 200-300 people in a single day. If the virus aerosolizes then it can infect 500-1000 people depending on the lethality and how easily spread the pathogen is. Also a single pathogen can stay on a banknote upwards of 4 weeks depending on the flu. American safeguards are believed impenetrable because there are so many safeguards but the real truth is there are strains that are so incredibly deadly and sneaky that people will never see it coming. We shouldn't be questioning how can we stop it, we should question, what will it take to save whats left

  • No we are not ready

    Not with our president the donald he slashed our health budget for military and does not have a ceo for cdc. We also have world travel that spread disease faster And people touch ecah other all the time so we are not ready for thius pandemic yah yah yah yah yah yah

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