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  • We teach the basics.

    Yes, we are educating our children, rather than hindering them, because most children will not naturally learn on their own. Most children are not highly motivated. Just like spoken word, a child will not learn how to read unless they are exposed to it. The children need our guidance to learn.

  • No, we are hindering them.

    I think that modern society as starting to hinder the way the children of the nation learn. There seems to be an overemphasis in society today not to hurt the feelings of children even if that means babying them when it comes to the way assignments and tests are graded.

  • We're hindering them

    The more we focus on test scores the less we focus on actual knowledge retention. Teachers are forced to make kids prepared for tests and only tests, if the kids actually remember anything from their year of school, great, but as long as they remember it long enough to pass the test, that's all the school cares about. Schools need to focus more on the retention and less on the scores.

  • We are creating worker bees

    I am a high school student taking AP and honors classes and i see it everyday. The kids who don't get it right away or have some trouble are put in lower classes and are discouraged. This angers me because some people who get some thing are not allowed to flourish because they are slow in one of their other classes. It is best compared to asking a monkey and a fish to swim, you cant degrade the monkey because he can't swim but you should strengthen his climbing.

  • We are probably hindering our children (at least here in America)

    Our education system fall short of our ideals. I think this is true no matter what your ideals are. I think the educational system here in America isn't up to par and that our children are going to be uncompetitive in coming generations unless something is done. We need to find out which systems work and implement them.

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