• Yes but this isn't a bad thing

    I do think the age of hacks is among us and better than ever before and trust me, as time goes on it will get better(As in the hackers will get better). We have people hacking Video Games, Security Systems etc. When people invented internet I can't believe most people thought everything would be ok and there would be no problems the inter-web is basically the earth and has many problems and we have to live with them we can't solve every problem and this might be one of them

  • Feels like it!

    I am hearing about new hacks all the time. I think we need to stop putting so much personal stuff on our computers and online, or they need to come up with better technology to prevent this stuff from happening. Apparently it is way too easy to hack into websites these day.

  • Yes, hacking is becoming more frequent.

    Yes, I believe we are experiencing the "Age of Hacks". Hacking has become a very lucrative business due to the high value of stolen data. If media reports are correct, most hacks are being masterminded by individuals in other countries and are usually weeks or months old before we detect them. To me it looks like the United States has become easy prey.

  • I believe that we are living in an "Age of Hacks"

    I believe that we are living in an "Age of Hacks", or an age where everyday folks find different and better ways to do things and then share those ideas, usually via the Internet. In years, past, when I thought of a handy way to solve a problem, it spread via word-of-mouth or personal observation. Today I can simply Google my problem and find a myriad of "hacks" that have already been shared.

  • Yes. We are experiencing the Age of Hacks

    It's hard to find someone in the U.S. and other developed countries that does not have a computer, let alone the Internet. Teenagers today have grown up with computers and Internet in their houses since they were born so they have the most practice and knowledge about it. This also breeds a generation of hackers who spend most of their time on the computer and wanting to learn and do things with it. I believe that it's only going to get worse over the years as more and more kids are introduced younger and younger.

  • Cyber-security is better than ever:

    The "Age of Hacks" would have been the dawn of Anonymous. That age may be ongoing but the reason it's filling the airwaves is because news makes tons of money off of these particular stories since people react most to them which introduces topics like this. Capitalizing on general ignorance.

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