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  • It is not the end of privacy.

    The Government collects data (I presume not really all) from your phones because it is their duty to protect the majority! WHAT WILL THE GOVERNMENT DO TO US IF WE SAY TO OUR BOY/GIRL FRIENDS OR SPOUSE THAT WE WANT TO HAVE TRIPLE X (if you know what I mean) TO THEM? Would the Government be interested in a gangb**g? Let us be straightforward. They do not listen to our calls at all, but they will do if they sense something wrong. Period!

  • We are not experiencing the end of privacy.

    The government is not interested in a teenager's email UNLESS you are really doing some illegal/ suspicious activity that may link to terrorism. Or else, you can just go along texting your friends and whatever.
    The key point here is that the government is only checking for terrorists, not reading every single word you sent to your girlfriend/boyfriend on your first anniversary. They are not nosing into people's private lives, they'll only do that when someone gives them good cause of suspicion. Relax. That love text you just sent is safe and only intended for your significant other.

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