• Yes, someday in the future, we will see this.

    Yes, if you stand back and look at the big picture here, you can see that the entire world is moving in the direction of becoming "one" world, with "one" government. People are extremely mobile and there is travel between countries.People are leaving their native countries and requesting citizenship in other countries. World leaders are concerned with the world beyond their borders The dividing lines are blurring and you can see it happening all around us.

  • Yes, a one world government is as close as it has ever been before

    A one world government is closer than it has ever been before in world history because of the increased realization of globalization. The United States has the ability to control political decisions of other countries by using its tool box of economic sanctions and other non-military influences. I believe that some countries are making international decisions as leaders in the United Nations and this is enough evidence for me to assume that we are close to a one world government.

  • We are getting closer to a one-world government.

    We are getting closer to a one-world government. The North American and South American governments seem to be closely tied, while the countries of Europe are integrating into what is know as the European Union. The integration of many European Countries under one government is getting us closer to a one-world government, however there are still major differences between the Chinese and American governments.

  • Economic Unions Lead to Political Unions

    NAFTA and the Euro Zone are precursors to a one world government. Economic alliances will eventually give way to political ones. Imagine a United States of North America when Canada, the United States and Mexico are one. The European Union is a political alliance that roughly mimics the United States, only regional states are more prominent as opposed to a strong central government. One world government will happen eventually, it will just take more time to unite the world's economy since we already have a global economy dependent upon each and every country.

  • No, we are not getting closer to a one-world government.

    I do not believe we are getting closer to a one-world government. I think that there is still way too many disagreements and issues between some of the most powerful countries on Earth to think that there can soon be a one-world government. I think it's an idea that is being championed by conspiracy theories.

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