• Nuclear weapons are bad

    The nukes need to be stopped we need to get Obama back in the white house and send Mr Trump back to Trump towers and come to an agreement with North Korea about why we shouldn't blow each other up. Also Mr Trump is trying to raise Americas nuclear arms which then could lead to world war three and that means the future of earth alone would be destroyed and the whole of a society would be destroyed and all of this would be done because Russia made nukes which can blow up the whole of the world.

  • Of course! Time goes on!

    Time never does stop, does it? Then how could we not be getting closer to something. The answer to that is that we can't, unless that something doesn't happen. So if global annihilation doesn't happen, then no, we aren't getting closer to it. However, I don't think that the world will last forever. I think that it is doomed to happen one day, so yes, we are getting closer to global annihilation, regardless of how soon it happens.

  • Yes, thanks to president Trump.

    The world is ticking another 30 seconds closer to the apocalypse — in part because of Donald Trump. At least that's the dire warning from the group of scientists who oversee the metaphorical Doomsday Clock, the hands of which were moved Thursday to two minutes and 30 seconds before midnight — the time that represents when a catastrophic nuclear event can annihilate the earth.It's the closest the clock has been to midnight since the Cold War of the 1950s. Trump has repeatedly claimed that global warming is a hoax. Meanwhile, in December, he tweeted that he would like to expand America's nuclear weapons capability — apparently rejecting four decades of U.S. policy to reduce nuclear arms.

  • Irrelevant computations about how safe earth is

    I don't think there is an algorithm for getting results about global annihilation.Those from the doomsday clock just use in their computations the date about nuclear weapons.It is a relevant factor nowadays but not the only one.The world fluctuates very rapidly so what is fine now,in a few days it could be a disaster.About the natural factors we can't predict anything.But,on human related stuffs is more simple than that.Now,in 2017,politically (yes,with Trump) the things are far from annihilation.I remember when Trump got elected a lot of democrats were saying they will flee to Canada.It seems no one has gone and I don't think anyone will go in the nearest future.

  • No. This is the safest time in history.

    It might seem, from your perspective that the world is a dangerous, scary, dark place. It might also appear to you that there are a lot of war going on. So why and I saying it is peaceful? The reason why is because if you looked back in history at a large scale, it will occur to you that the world is more peaceful than it has ever been.

  • No, we are not.

    The world is not getting closer to global annihilation. President Trump (so far) seems to be less hawkish then his predecessors. If this means that the United States can stay out of long wars, then there is a better chance that the world will be more stable. America is not responsible for the world's problems but we can't fix them all either.

  • There is going to be peace.

    If anything, with so many more weapons available today, people are more hesitant to attack another country because they know that the other country has something to respond with. Most people don't want global conflict. They just want to go about their lives and live in peace. It's hard to ever destroy the entire world.

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