Are we giving entertainers too much attention by creating more red carpet award shows?

  • Entertainers don't need more Red Carpet attention

    Red carpet award shows for each major entertainment discipline provide opportunities for these professionals to recognize each other's hard work each year. Oscars, Emmys, Grammys, and Tonys cover the big bases. Do they really need the Golden Globes? The People's Choice? The Billboards? The AMAs? Maybe the more important question is, "do the fans really need all of these shows?" It's all too much attention to give people who are already constantly in the spotlight.

  • Entertainers Make Poor Role Models

    Our society more and more values celebrity over depth of character. We are no longer admiring quality entertainers as they are increasing overshadowed by celebrities famous because of a silly stunt or sex tape. Red carpet award shows reinforce beauty over brains. I would like to see more emphasis on the technical awards instead of the superficial.

  • I disagree that we are giving entertainers too much attention

    Red carpet award shows are very important. They give watchers a source of entertainment and they also give the entertainers a proper audience. I think that red carpet shows give entertainers just the perfect amount of attention necessary. They bring great crowds and publicize many people which helps to keep entertainers known.

  • Depends on the Animal

    First thought, absolutely we are giving entertainers too much attention by creating more red carpet award shows. Digging deeper, the answer is absolutely not because the red carpet award shows do not go overboard on creating attention by themselves. Select entertainers indeed would work at garnishing too much attention if a single red carpet show was held each year.

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