• No, we as a society are hurt by abstinence only education.

    As a society, we are hurt by teaching children only abstinence. It is nonsense to not inform students in an educational setting. Furthermore, high school students are going to have sex, so they should be educated about the choices that they are making and they should have the tools to be safe and not make mistakes that will haunt them forever.

  • Abstinence-only education hurts.

    Abstinence-only education is not education and hurts us. Abstinence-only education leave out many important things that children need to know such as how to prevent STD. Not everyone is going to wait and some people (that can't get married because the law won't let them) don't have a choice to wait until marriage anyway. It's is very irresponsible to not prevent disease and teen pregnancy if you can.

  • No we ae hurt by abstinence-only education

    Abstinence education does not address the hormones and sexual urges will feel as they go through adolescents. Abstinence does not take into account that a lot of will power is needed to remain abstinent, yet it does not take the steps to help children learn discipline. Abstinence also, does not teach children what to do in case they cannot control their urges.

  • Hurt More Than Anything

    I believe abstinence only education does more to harm the students, then help them. I think abstinence only education leaves students asking a lot of questions that legally their teachers can't answer. At least that was the result in my class, a slew of questions, all with the same answer, we can't talk about that.

  • No, we are hurt by abstinence only education.

    I think we are hurt by abstinence-only education. While I agree that abstinence-only education should be the main focus of sex ed, it shouldn't be the only thing thought. I think too many kids these days will be acting irresponsibly if they do not think that there are other ways.

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