• Yes to a point

    Similar to the war on drugs gun violence is always going to be an issue. We can take away as many guns as we like but there will still be illegal guns being sold and used. Gun violence is not going anywhere no matter the measures we take to fight it.

  • We are not helpless against gun violence.

    Now is an important time to take a stand against gun violence. We are not helpless, and we can work to increase gun control. There are several legal paths that can be taken to increase gun control. People should vote for candidates who promise to pass laws that control guns more strictly.

  • Gun Violence Can Be Reduced

    We aren't helpless against gun violence, but extra gun control measures won't help the situation. We need to work upon improving our country from the ground up in order to lessen violence. Likewise, we should work upon rehabilitating our prisoners rather than punishing them and making them more likely to commit crimes.

  • We are not Helpless Against Gun Violence

    I do not believe that we are helpless against gun violence. There are many different things that we as a people can use to prevent and stop gun violence. The first thing that we can do is education to teach children the safety and dangers of using a gun. Secondly, gun owners need to take responsibility of their own guns, and keep them properly secured. So as you can see, there are ways that we can help prevent gun violence, we are never helpless against it!

  • No, we aren't completely helpess against gun violence.

    We aren't completely helpless against gun violence, because there are things people can do to avoid accidental shootings, if not purposeful ones (such as acts of terrorism). If a gun is kept in a home, for example, it should not merely be kept hidden away. It also needs to be locked up, so that curious children can't find it. Though we can't stop all gun violence, we can take steps to make accidental shootings less likely.

  • No.

    No, we are not helpless against "gun" violence, but we are struggling against violence in general. We can pass laws against automatic weapons, but that will only reduce the numbers at each killing, not the fact of killing itself. And if we outlawed all guns, those that kill will do it by other means - driving a vehicle into a crowd, or taking over a bus, or explosives. If guns are not the answer for protection in our schools, then why does the school where Obama's daughters go have 11 armed guards?

  • No- We Can Stop Gun Violence

    Everyone seems to have an opinion on the recent massacre of schoolchildren at the Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut. The most interesting opinions that I've read are from pro-gun people. Some maintain that still, if guns are outlawed, only the "Criminals" will own them. Let's look at this one. If we made assault weapons illegal, for instance, there is a possibility that well organized criminals would find ways of shipping guns in, for use in drug sales, robberies, and the like.

    But the main offenders in these shootings are mentally unstable young men, eh? Like the disturbed Asian student who shot up Virginia Tech, or Jared Loughner, who shot Rep Giffords and several others; Kip Kinkel, the high school killer. All of these disturbed boy-men were not the sort of people that frequent organized crime outlets to purchase guns--they're too messed up in the head. Thus, even if criminals and the cops had guns and no one else, no one would be giving or selling guns to young men who don't even have the social skills to ask a girl out.

    The born-again Christians claim that the shootings are a result of "God" being kept out of the prayer, eh? Well, Europe is a hotbed of socialism, humanism, atheism and general sin. They haven't had God in school for some time. However, they do have strict gun laws, and there are no school shootings there. Even in Switzerland, where there is legal gun ownership, they don't have school shootings. You might posit that since the Swiss have legal access, we should, but clearly people in the U.S. are too unstable to have access to firearms, as we are unhappy attention whores who feel we must shoot everything in sight to make the cover of "People" magazine. Thus, I maintain we should not have guns. Another argument might be--what if we kept guns carefully within the family, heavily regulated that way...not a bit of it. No, we have stories of little boys shooting their baby sisters, and of course our Sandy Hook shooter got his gun lessons from Mommy...shame they didn't play chess or something.

    This has gone on long enough. Actually, it's way over long. This issue should have been resolved after the Kip Kinkel shootings, or perhaps after David Berkowitz's Son of Sam sniper attacks. Just like only alcoholics buy pint bottles, only lunatics get assault weapons...after all, if you hunted with one, you'd just ruin the venison.

  • Education about firearms will lessen gun violence.

    In Kennesaw, Georgia there is a law that states every household must own a gun. At face value you might expect this code to increase crime but if you give some educated thought you will understand otherwise. Gun control is not the answer to end violence, gun prevalence is. Besides it being a constitution right to bear arms, Kennesaw has one of the lowest crime ranking in the state. This is for one reason, not only criminals have guns. Passing laws against guns will only take them away from law abiding citizens but criminals will, no matter what, always have guns. There is an illegal gun trade now so making guns illegal would only drive the market further underground and make it more dangerous for everyone. Criminal will always have guns or drugs or see prostitutes no matter the legality, if there is a demand there will be a supply. However, it is the government's decision whether or not law abiding citizens can maintain the right to protect themselves.

  • More Effective Gun Control Laws Will Lead to a Safer Country

    Looking back on the events of the past week and a half, we've seen tragedy in Portland, Oreg. and in Connecticut. While gun violence is difficult to restrain, more effective gun control laws will help keep our children and our country safer. Guns have no place in any public place and assault weapons have no place in the hands of anyone. These weapons have only one purpose - to do as much damage as possible. These weapons are of no use to anyone who is hunting and a danger to anyone who keeps them in their home. Without assault weapons in circulation, we can help secure a brighter future.

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