• Yes, but there is a resolution coming.

    Will of the People Constitutional Authority, from what I understand, is doing something. I would like to know what stage of progress they are in. On their site, they assert the people have the authority to recall per George Washington, and that the people do have the right to object to the string of laws that erode the Bill of Rights, and have the power in the amendments to do something if the government does not. That would be interesting to see.

  • Yes, which is unfortunate.

    Yes, we are in a post-Constitutional America, because the Constitution no longer applies. The Constitution is meant to be interpreted strictly, accord to its plain meaning. The Supreme Court went way too far when they decided that the legislature could compel us all to purchase a financial product called health insurance. There are no limits anymore.

  • Yes, we are in a post Constitutional America.

    The scope and magnitude of the powers of the federal government are far removed from what is written in the Constitution. While the Elastic Clause allows for leeway in interpreting the powers of Congress, a huge variety of stretches in reasoning have allowed the passage of laws without any clear basis in the Constitution. Additionally, the Executive Branch has, itself, taken a large amount of liberty in its use of executive orders, notably in relation to military operations.

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