• No Assitance

    I lost my job last year and trying to find another job is becoming next to impossible due to screening questionnaires. Employers let computers do the deciding now to see if we are eligible to work for them or not. Even noticed people that are coming out of college can not even get a job. A friend recently got his masters and all he was able to be hired for is a manager at a Burger King for $9 an hour! Is this the so called American dream we are living in?

  • No, we are not in the end times of trust in government.

    No, we are not in the end times of trust in government. According to the last election, we are a nation divided. The government model as we have currently is extremely flawed. As Americans we are in a crucial time to make change happen. Those changes will force the restructure of government.

  • No, These Are Not End Times

    Cynical views of the government can be generational, and they come and go. It's cyclical, and it's usually tied to how the economy is doing. The more money in people's pockets, the less they actually care about what the government does. Once the economy rebounds a little bit more strongly, the ill will towards the government will shrink. Once the next recession hits after that, resent will grow. It's always been that way.

    Posted by: rpr
  • No in the sense that we never could trust them.

    What's so special about the current times that makes the state more untrustworthy than in the past? This is a false notion, almost blatant nostalgia, that, "Back in the day," the government was for the people and by the people. and things were fair and decent. They never were! You're just realizing the reality of the situation right now (which is good) but you're assuming that because it's new to you, that it's entirely new.

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