• Yes, we are definitely in the golden era of white-collar crime.

    Despite the relatively large amount of publicity given to white-collar crime and the enormous impact it obviously has had on the national and global economy, it would seem that white-collar crime continues to march on unabated. If these practices can thrive even in the wake of a global economic crisis largely caused by them, then this surely must be considered a golden era of white-collar crime.

  • Yes, this is a golen age of white collar crime.

    Though people refer to the era of white collar criminals as the age of the robber barren, one could argue that our generation is the age of the stock market criminal. So many greedy businessmen exist in our era and deregulation has profited them. Leaders of corporations that pollute our water, spoil our land, and make wage slaves of us all, abound.

  • Yes, we are in the golden era of white-collar crime.

    Yes, we are in the golden era of white-collar crime. The speed at which technology has advanced has made it too easy for white-collar criminals to steal from the every day person. Knowledge and security has fallen behind the technology, and those who choose to take advanatge of this are doing so without much recourse.

  • We are not in the golden era of white-collar crime.

    White collar crime has been getting increasing attention in the media lately, but the media is in fact what is leading people to believe that we are in a "golden era", when in fact white collar crime is simply being more publicized. Back-room deals and other white-collar crime have always been pervasive in the country- there just wasn't as much media to expose them in previous decades.

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