• They slowly are

    It's not so much about eating dinner together in a sense, But I believe that our respect and our morals and our overall goals as the typical family have changed over the course of the years. One value my family has always had is respect for each other, And obviously it still retains with each other, But now that technology is so accessible, People do get upset, And we tend to take our anger out on the nearest thing or person we see. I don't believe that this is a drastic outcome, But I will say that we don't really care as much for the things we once spent a lot of our time and awareness on.

  • Family Values are Dying Down

    There is no longer a time where family values mean what they used to. For example, many families don't even eat together anymore at the dinner table. Because of the age of technology and everything moving quickly, family values aren't as important as they used to be. People are moving too quickly to really care about family ethics anymore.

  • On the whole, not really.

    In general, the idea of how exactly a family should be treating itself hasn't really changed for quite a long time. The only thing that has changed is how visible mistreatment of children and family has become. There's a whole lot of unasked questions associated with this, like how changes to what legally constitutes a family changes matters, or how changes in acceptable religion might affect what we believe a family is for, but frankly, those overall changes don't mean much. What matters is still the most basic thing: Love. If a family has it, openly and honestly, it doesn't matter what kind of family they are, they have their values still. It's when a family is cold and closed off and uncaring that problems start to arise.

  • There are families.

    No, we are not losing family values, because there are many families that are very strong. Family values are those that have a strong base for commitment to the family, and a strong sense of purpose to function as a unit. These families still exist, despite the efforts to cut them down

  • Not All People

    I do not believe we are all losing family values. I believe we have a lot of genetically connected groups that foster family values and hold the in high regard. However, we have a lot genetically connected groups that make up excuses based on their own histories to explain problems in the next generation. These genetic groups are tearing society down by failing to raise their children properly.

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