• Free speech is mainly being taken away from Conservative people, of any color.

    The left wing community has decided that nothing is important but their own opinion and people who share it. If anyone says otherwise, you get immediately shut down. It has happened to me before,. Liberals can not hold a debate without yelling or swearing at you, because all their "logic" is nonsense and I think they're starting to realize it, but are too stubborn to accept it. It is no longer a debate, the only "free speech" that we are ALLOWED to have is when we agree with what they say.

  • Yes! Our Freedom Of Speech Is Quickly Becoming A Thing Of The Past!

    This is getting worse with every passing year! It seems that any little thing we say nowadays results in getting our butts kicked! I remember some years ago, I was posting a message on this blog, and the owner of the blog criticized me for calling my parents "Mom and Dad!". Can you believe that? As if there was ever anything wrong with a man and woman falling in love, getting married and starting a family! Last I heard, it takes two to Tango. I know that some people in today's society we're raised by gay couples, but most of us were not. And I was raised by my birth parents. Why is it not okay for me to call them "Mom and Dad?" Think about it! Every human being on this planet was born to a man and a woman. None of us would be here if we didn't have a mother and a father to begin with. There is absolutely NOTHING homophobic about that! Political correctness is something I refuse to take part in. I don't care how many liberals I offend. I have a Mom and a Dad, and I'm proud of it!

  • Yes, FaceBook and other Social Media Companies!

    I was recently banned from posting on FaceBook for 7 days. I did nothing wrong! I am a Right-Wing Christian Conservative Trump Supporter! The election process in 2016 really lit a fire in my heart and rekindled my patriotism for America. The vile hate from the Democratic Left, SJWs, and the lying biased Fake news seems to be fully covered by our 1st Amendment Right. If you're a Right-Wing Conservative like me our Freedom of Speech is being taken away. Liberal companies such as FaceBook are hard at work silencing the voices of those who elected President Trump. FaceBook and other social media companies have finally realized their role in getting President Trump elected and I believe this caught them by surprise. The Media and Left-Wing Democrats thought of Trump as a joke and shrugged it off. The anger and rage that came after the election really surprised me! We never reacted like this when Obama was elected, twice I might add! I have been using FaceBook as a means to get my voice out there to other Trump supporters. So I joined as many Pro-Trump groups as I could. I now belong to around 100 groups. I make memes and write short articles based on FACTS and YES sometimes funny off the cuff to poke fun at the Liberal Left. I noticed in the last couple of months several posts made by other Trump supporters being removed. One such post was one I re-posted of a video by Henry Davis "Trump Rally Support Song" which was a parody of Billy Idol's song "Mony Mony". I reposted this video to mainly all groups with 10k to 150k members. I can share to 500k to a million members. The re-post was removed by FaceBook who claimed it violated its copyright terms. Youtube still has it running! It is a parody! I reposted the video to all groups with no problem with an added comment. "It is a parody lawyer boy! You Liberals will never stop us!" It went viral! Non-stop shares and likes every second for over 24 hours! One week later I was trying to share something else and BAM!!! FaceBook banned me for 7 days! I am not allowed to post and or join any groups! So I guess I angered the FaceBook Gestapo Nazis! This is I feel a breach of my 1st Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech. The Leftists can post vile hate speech as well as threats to the President of the United States and FaceBook gives them a free get outa FaceBook Jail Card! Each Group has Moderators who monitor and can remove and or block people who post spam or vile posts. NONE of the Moderators in any of these groups blocked or banned me!!! I am going to try to form a Class Action suit against FaceBook and this Nazi-like behavior. I really have a FEAR of posting now. I know this may sound funny but wait until it happens to YOU!!!!

  • Of course, yes

    To support this you just have to take one example. Universities in western culture were built upon the basis that you could challenge the status quo and that you can question the establishment. This led to developments in social awareness and healthy discussion about the directions that people should take in life. However, nowadays, free speech is being taken away from universities. This fuel for inspiration and development is being eroded by the further expansion of the so called 'safe spaces'. This reality shielding mechanism is further exacerbated by the ever notorious SJWs who constantly undermine what it is to have free speech by shouting down others who disagree with them and branding them as racists or sexists.

    This is summed up perfectly by the recent case of a Yale University master who was practically forced to resign as he advocated freedom of expression regarding what people should wear. He rightly said that people can wear whatever they like whether it offends someone else or not as it is there right as a human to do so. Some of his students disagreed with him and ran a hate campaign against him, forcing him to resign.

    All of this leads to a world where you have to comply with the establishment. This leads to totalitarianism. There will be no other side of the debate and we will all live in fear of speaking out and expressing ourselves. This will end badly for the development of our race if we don't act now to protect our freedom of speech.

  • I say yes

    If you look at today's society it is clear that those who have an opposing viewpoint to the status quo are demonized and destroyed. Whether it be some reality TV star who voices his opinion on gay marriage, or a person calling radical Islam what it is, if it does not fit the majority mold they are destroyed. A great philosopher once said "where opinions clash freedom rings". It's hard to have opposing opinions when people are afraid to speak. And since people seemingly everywhere are seemingly harassed and ruined for giving their opinion I say it is being lost, but that it is lost.

  • No, We are not loosing freedom of speech

    People say we are loosing freedom of speech but yet we are allowed to share our opinions. Take slavery as an example, Slaves didn't have freedom of speech if they said anything to their "owners" they were physically hurt sometimes even killed, I don't see that happening so therefor we still, Have freedom of speech. For something like that to happen it would be very difficult.

  • No one is losing their freedom to talk.

    No one is losing their freedom to talk anywhere or on the internet. Unless if you're on a game, Then people will ban your talking in a game if you cuss, But that's a different story. Anyone has the right to talk with anyone and everyone, So people are going to be able to talk anywhere.

  • YOU BAKAS aaaaaa

    Freedom of speech isn’t going away. You know why because we’re aloud to post whatever or say it whatever and even if we get punished for saying bad things that’s our choice. You may get hated but you still have freedom of speech. SO DEAL WITH IT SILLY LIL BOIII

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