• Yes we are

    But then so is every other animal. Not sure what atheists find so compelling about being made of stardust. Isn't being made as an image of God so much more amazing? To know you're part of the transcendent is the real miracle here in this observer's opinion.

    Filler filler filler.

  • At least to some degree we are...

    Starts are the universe's natural factories, constantly churning-out ever denser materials by infusing them with energy. Without stars (and the Higg's Field) the U-verse would still largely exists in a random energetic state. There's nothing magical about this. Fortunately, humans are more than just a collection of various materials, and it is possible that we contain some things which didn't originate inside a star. This allow for some wiggle-room in answering the question. But it is true that stars are the basic energy-to-matter converters of the universe, and without them there would be no matter for the Higg's Field to give mass to, or for other forces to form into the universe we all so love.

  • That is most likely.

    The scientific evidence supports that elements 1-26 were cooked up in the stars through the process of fusion, followed by elements 27-137 being created in supernovas when those stars died. On one random planet named Earth, the elements of Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Sulfur, and Phosphorus, formed into organic compounds which formed the building blocks of primitive cells that gradually evolved into more and more complex organisms, the most complex thus far being intelligent, hairless primates called humans.

    So, yes, we are technically made of star dust.

  • It's a fact

    Billions of years ago most of the atoms which make up your body were being formed through nuclear fusion in the core of stars. Those atoms are scattered throughout the universe when the star explodes at the end of it's life. Almost all the elements on this earth (aside from some of the lighter ones) are made up of star dust.

    Posted by: A341
  • Yes we are made of stardust.

    The DNA is the same thing with the universe. We have the same DNA and I'm just gonna say random words soo I I oh my gosh darn I am very ssd or something because why not you holy water bottle dog thing cat five six seven five five five

  • Yes it is absolutely true.

    Our solar system is made from dust of supernova explosion. That dust due to gravity becomes condensed like big spheres and start revolving around sun. One of the big sphere was our earth. After long time life evolve on earth, that is made from material present on earth. Much later humans evolved from that life, Ultimately made from the STARDUST.

  • Apart from perhaps some Hydrogen atoms...

    Yes, all the the in our bodies were at one point forged in the hearts of stars, this is a reasonable claim with plenty of evidence. The topic is called Nucleosynthesis and there's a very interesting Wikipedia article all about it if you're interested.

    five more words needed? Hmm...

  • We are made of human cells

    In reality all humans come from the human reproductive system. It takes an egg and sperm to create a baby.
    Those who don't believe it should study the evidence of human reproduction.
    There is no logical reason to believe we came from any kind of literal dust. However, starry eyed dreamers will believe any fairy tales that tickle their fancy.

  • It all depends

    If your a weird scientist who has some weird reason about why where made of stardust than I'm really interested in what you have to say. This is one of those questions which your never 100% sure about . Oh I'm sorry for scientists I have called weird so sorry.

  • It's all Physics.

    During a supernova, when a massive star explodes at the end of its life, the resulting high energy environment enables the creation of some of the heaviest elements including iron and nickel. The explosion also disperses the different elements across the universe, scattering the stardust which now makes up planets including Earth.

  • Unless you can prove this ridiculous fantasy using the scientific method then it is NOT a "fact' but a belief

    If your answer consists of "BILLIONS of years ago", then what you believe is not only NOT a fact, its unscientific and fails to stand up to the scientific method as it is neither observable, quantifiable, falsifiable nor repeatable. Facts NEVER change but this fantasy is tweaked all the time.

  • Stardust is stupid

    Lol what a hilarious statement!!! "stardust" is just another word for hydrogen and carbon. There is no such thing as stardust and it cooks me how people reckon it's real, Star dust isn't on the periodic table and never will be so I think this is a stupid situation and a pointless argument!

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