• I think the slavemasters use mental control rather than physical

    I think in the past with slavery the slavemasters would force people do their work, and it was less efficient because they were unmotivated.
    But i believe today they control them with the media, distracting people with stupid issues, controlling people by fear, programming them how to think in school, this keeps people motivated to work hard, but they are trapped by debt and consumerism.

  • Slaves Forever, Unless. . .

    Why do people support our Governments? When they lie, Cover up, Are only out to look after themselves. The force us to comply and threaten us with prison, The police, The military. Stop voting for the Governments, You're only making the situation worse. Everybody needs to stand up, How do we do this? Educate the sheeple, Educate them how to think for themselves that there is an alternative, Not to be influenced by the media, Governments, TV, Etc. Are you with me?

  • The system is slavery.

    Humans have advanced to the point where we no longer live in the natural world with the other animals, Instead we have created our own human world within which we all live (like it or not). As humans we have certain basic needs such as food, Water, Shelter ect. The system we live in provides these things provided you have currency to pay for it. So put very simply I require money to survive. There is no other alternative, If I decided to leave the system and live in nature with the other animals I would perish very quickly. So I'm completely dependant on the system to provide my basic needs. But as I stated I need to buy these things with money. So I HAVE to work to gather money. . . . . . I wake up in the morning, Go to work, Come home, Sleep and repeat. All the while making the select few richer year on year whilst low wages keep the worker down. Dangling the carrot just enough to keep us all working hard. So as we have discovered I HAVE to partake in this pantomime when I'd rather be learning new languages, Playing a new instrument, Going on round the world road trips ect. . . . . . Therefore am I not a slave? The system is designed in such a way that it appears as though we're free to enjoy our lives. But sadly the reality is that we are all slaves to the system and have been since birth, All being fooled to believe we have it good to keep us working hard till we eventually reach our graves.

  • You Only Think your free

    Property Taxes
    Income Taxes
    Taxes on purchased items
    License for septic/sewer
    Vehicle registration
    Pet licenses/fees (cities)

    Your not free, Your a slave, Enabling Washington to spend your money on useless studies, And to coerce you into thinking this is the way it has to be. Or else millions will die or starve. Idiotic bullshit and millions buy into this system.

  • Yes indeed sir

    The money works for it self rich people get normal people to bring in 10 times they're salary thats why rich people are smart and can use the money for good poverty is the problem to the problems in the world rich people have a rich man subcounsis mind and poor have poor

  • Elite driving ecological collapse and chaos

    Although scientists are warning us about climate change and our doom, Power structures insist on crushing people and nature for their monetary profits. We are definitely slaves to materialism and monetary system. There are no toleration for alternative systems and thought, Such as Resource Based Economy never mentioned in schools. People led by fear of hunger or homelessness or unable to educate children. Mass media is lying about wars and no one tells you that monetary system leads to environmental collapse and mass unemployment and suffering at the end. They drop bombs instead of books. They have all the power but they use it for evil. Politicians try to divide and rule, Children are thought to obey without thinking, People are brainwashed by advertisements to consume the Earth and themselves for the profit of elites, Brainwashed by movies and "exam/education" system into individualism and into things that do not matter in the big scheme of life. They learn hate and individualism and materialism and to worship material wealth, Competition, Authority and money because that's the only way the advantaged elite can benefit over us, That's the only way they can keep us to serve them. They don't want children to recognize that competition is inherently unfair and actually isn't necessary. They don't want people to know that free will do not exist. "Because the owners of this country do not want that, They do not want well educated, Well informed people, That's not their interest. " - George Carlin

    Case closed.

  • Value of time Vs value of money

    Our time is a finite commodity that we can't get back. Money is a commodity that it's value fluctuates that you can only trade for specific things you don't need to impress people who don't care but you need it to live and is a major determining Factor in love. I believe that we should be trading our time for a currency of equal value, Like a second credit currency that doesn't go away when earned.

  • Your time is running out.

    If everybody is like everybody else, then nobody is anybody. Follow your dreams and desires because nobody but oneself can do that. Nevermind what others do or think, they very well may be wrong, or right, but it is up to the individual to create the new strand, not the collective. Be FREE!!!! Be you.

  • We need to stand up for ourselves

    The government of not just the USA is taking advantage of all of us and I'm tired of it. The 9-5 work day, children going to school to learn random stuff only to grow up and become enslaved by the wealthier people in this society! We are told how to dress what to think and how to live. This is not living.

  • For the most part yes.

    Now It's a different form of slavery obliviously. But the Caste system Triangle is ever present along with the Financial Triangle. Except the Financial Triangle is turned upside down, explaining the wealth gap. On the Caste system , it's pretty much parallel to the Feudal system of the dark ages. On the Bottom Rung you have the "Peasants" This is anyone making below the poverty line or anything to do with minimum wage payments, welfare, food stamps. Next is "Serfs" People making 30k-100k a year, you're typical suburban family working tirelessly at a government job or cubicle attempting to make ends meet. Next comes "Skilled labor" 100k-250k , upper level business, very small business owners, lawyers, doctors, professors...Etc, Prestigious jobs. Still have to worry about money, and still work their ass off. Nice neighborhoods, better cars...Etc. Next comes "Merchants" or "Capitalists" 250k-1M, Business owners, CEOs, Nuero-surgeons, Top ring lawyers...Etc. Then "Nobles" Deca-Millioners and beyond. No money issue.

    So yes for the most part the general pop are slaves, and don't get me started on government education or anything to do with Hollywood and the media, it's horrifying

  • Wage Slavery, I presume?

    At least that's what many speak of when referencing a figurative slavery. Or maybe a slave to material things, but on both accounts I would say you are wrong. Because now of all times we have the most freedom of job choice, and the most resources at our disposal to live greater more fulfilling lives. The key word being potential- more people fail at breaking the chains they have put upon themselves, but there is nothing keeping us back except our stubborn preference for tradition and lack of willpower.

  • You are ignorant

    You do know there are more REAL slaves today than ever in history right. Approximately 30 million people if I am not mistaken. You have more privileges than you can ever have yet you think you are becoming a slave. Shut up and be happy with what you have because there are real slaves in the world who would love to have the things you have.

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