Are we over-emphasizing cricket at the cost of other games?

  • Cricket is terrible

    Cricket is simply a horrible game that should never be emphasized. Why do people even like playing it? I'm not British, or Pakistani or Indian, but I still find it idiotic and I cannot understand those peoples fascinations with this game. Find some other past time to concern yourselves with, okay?

  • Yes we are

    Yes cricket is very much over emphasized and not much respect is given to other sports. While india produced a world champion in billiards no one noticed him. Olympic medallist mary kom was unnoticed even after becoming the boxing world champion five times. Cricketers earn millions but there are no sponsors for other sports.

  • NO .....Add words here

    I don't know why
    I never heard of this sport until now

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    Sorry I'm not a troll but seriously
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    Sorry people

  • No cricket is not at the forefront

    Cricket is not at the forefront as being emphasized in this country. In the countries where it is it is because it is the past time of that country. It would be comparable to baseball in America. It gets its coverage because it has earned it over the years in the country.

  • No, other sports are popular too.

    No, we do not emphasize cricket at the cost of other games, because other sports are still popular too. Even where cricket is very popular, other sports, such as netball and footy are also popular. Arguably in Australia, footy is more popular than cricket. In the United States, cricket is seldom played at all, and is not emphased enough.

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