• I doubt anyone would say know.

    There has been more cases of turtles dying by eating plastic bags, after having erroneously identified them as jellyfish. Solid waste disposed into the seas, combined with the effects of ocean currents, have created giant rubbish belts in the pacific. Oil spills into seas are not unheard of, and coastal marine landscapes are constantly damaged by reclamation and dredging. Thermal pollution is bleaching coral reefs. The list goes on.

  • We are polluting our Oceans very badly.

    30-40% of the carbon dioxide released into the air reacts with the ocean and forms to create CARBONIC ACID. We are turning the very reason we might be on this planet into carbonic acid. China alone releases 60,000,000 tons of waste into ours oceans PER DAY, we are knowingly polluting our oceans.

  • Yes! People should stop polluting the ocean.

    For example, in China, there is a lot of pollution in the oceans and rivers. Nearly 80 percent of China's cities have no sewage treatment facilities and few have plans to build any and underground water supplies in 90 percent of the cites are contaminated. We do it too!
    Ok, America. So be careful as people and animals can die from pollution which is sad. Got it!

  • Today, people are contaminating their oceans.

    The main reason of this illegal action is people have got low cognitive. Most people throw away plastic products, pieces of paper, food, drinks,... Into the rivers, lakes or even beaches. These things increase more chemicals, bacteria, toxic, impurities and also plastics that make rivers, lakes or beaches become more dirty. If no one cleans them, they will flow to the seas and oceans. Therefore, these places soon or late will be dirty. Then they flow back to the old places after they are treated by filters. However, sea water still have dirt. As can be seen from this point of view, we have not found the key to break the cycle of pollution.

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