Are we putting too much stress on the next generation?

Asked by: tannerhenley17
  • Yes and I think it's ridiculous.

    What pisses me off about the older generation, a lot of them tend to be hypocritical. Sometimes they think that just because they are adults, they know everything and kids can't speak back in a simple argument. They think we can't debate. Yet, when you use a valid argument against them, they just try to worm out of the argument because they know they lost the debate. For example, my dad was mad because I didn't call him to pick me up from a meeting. My mom was supposed to pick me up and didn't even tell me he was coming. It was obviously her fault. But, dad told me I was a child. The moment he said that, I wanted to punch him super hard. I thank God that I didn't because I love my father, but sometimes, he just piss me off. Anyone agree?

  • Yes, we are

    Let's try with the education system as one of the things, often times, students are often stressed out by excessive homework, standardized testing, poor grades. Pretty much schools are more about scoring good and getting better grades then learning. Also thing is, some people are too stressed out to care about other things.

  • It is outrageous

    The APA (American Psychological Association) conducted a test called Stress in American to determine the average stress levels of "The Millennials", people aging 18 to 33 in 2012. On a scale of 1 to 10, "The Millennials" generation was asked to determine their stress level that they were feeling at the time of being surveyed. It was calculated that the average stress level was 5.4 on the scale. In "Generation X", 5.4, "Baby Boomers", 4.7, and "Mature", 3.7. It can definitely be inferred that there is something up with our system that is causing kids to be more stressed and depressed. 19% percent of "The Millennials" were told they're suffering from depression while 12% of "Baby Boomers" and 11% of "Mature". As a junior high student, I feel that we have much higher expectations than that of the previous generation. We must act now! There is no time to spare!


  • The next generation can benefit from stress

    We are not putting too much stress on the next generation. Statistics show that it helps with learning stress management skills. According to the Mental Health screening website, when teenagers become overloaded with stress it leads to anxiety, withdrawal, aggression and some students even start using drugs and alcohol. But this is not the only result. Teenagers can avoid caffeine intake, exercise and eat regularly.
    Many students believe that its unstoppable stress but do nothing to prevent it. Also according to Sue Scheff's blog called S-T-R-E-S-S, she believes parents can encourage their children to succeed but they also need to keep an eye out for stress levels. She stats that success is always great, but should never take precedence over the health, safety and overall well being of a student. According to Dr. Cohen-Sandler's research, that bouncing students feelings off of a more experienced individual can help relieve some of the stress. Students can handle and need to learn how to handle the stress that is why we are not putting too much stress on the next generation.

  • People are leaving a mess that their kids have to deal with.

    I've learned since I was little that it is the futures job to fix the past. I left my family because they need to fix their own problems. Now I'm trying to pay off all my loans so my kids don't have to clean up my mess. The bigger the mess the more stress is left because someone has to go through all of it. The only thing I will leave for my kids is the inspiration to never leave a mess for their kids.

  • Yes they are.

    I believe that yes the older generations are putting too much stress on us. From my experience, I believe that it is ridiculous that we aren't allowed to voice our side of the argument without being scolded for "talking back." I believe the younger generations do not get as much respect as they should. Adults teach us to treat others as we want to be treated, but why doesn't that rule apply for them too?

  • Every generation claims they are "under too much stress"

    I think we need to realise that it isn't so much that the next generation will be under more stress per say, but rather that stress has simply become more openly apparent in our culture and society. I'm not denying that the next generation faces some serious economic, political and social problems in the very near future - Global Climate Change being the most hazardous. But this idea that my generation (The Millennials) is somehow stereotypically "over stressed" is somewhat exaggerated. An interesting analogy which may or may not work is that of the "increase in homosexuals". It isn't so much that there are more gay people around today, but simply that gay people feel they can be more open about their sexuality. It's the same with stress. Our culture, whether for better or worse, is now more open and transparent on the issue of stress. Feeling stressed? Tell someone about it!

    Another point is that we have to put this into context. Conducting a survey about stress levels and finding that young people tend to be more stressed than old people is not evidence that the next generation is more stressed. It simply shows us that young people, as would be expected, are more stressed due to a wide range of varying factors. Being a teenager is hard! But to think this a recent development is just false.

    Also, the idea that this generation and the next is special in the amount stress it is being put under is dubious. Like I said before, I'm not denying we've got tough problems to tackle but have people forgot that young people, teenagers, old people, all of them have lived during times of immense stress and expectation. A history lesson in 20th Century affairs is enough to show us that our generation is by no means special when it comes to tough problems and the problems this puts us under.

    Every generation goes stress. We should be thankful that at least ours seems to becoming more open about it, instead of hiding it away and pretending nothing is wrong. I'm stressed! Everyone is stressed! If you want to see a "stress-a-demic" then look to history.

  • They will need it!!!

    A lot of people think we put two much stress on the next generation, but the truth is that they will need it. Less jobs more poverty and war it is time they learnt what it was really like without the games and Saturdays out. They have to learn it now or they won't be prepared for the mess we leave behind.

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GWL-CPA says2014-03-10T03:44:43.237
Actually, not enough. We have a generation of kids that don't know how to do anything but sit at home and play games and not work.

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