• Yes, year by year paper is becoming more useless.

    Yes, we are indeed reaching a paperless age as companies do what they can to rid themselves of their dependency on paper. Hopefully, that'll be the case sooner than later. It'll be better for the environment and will even save small businesses a lot of money. This should be a cause everyone is for, when it comes down to it.

  • Things are going digital.

    Yes, we are reaching the paperless age, because more and more is done online. When a person applies to college, they apply online. When someone files a lawsuit, they file it online. Anything that needs to be done today can be done online. Eventually we will give up on paper.

  • We're Getting Closer

    I believe we are reaching a paperless age. I believe as tablet prices fall and more people come to understand cloud storage and technology, the less paper we will see. I've noticed that I use a lot less paper than I have in the past over the last few years.

  • When was the last time you used paper?

    I know my last time was today. In fact I go to school every day and use at least 15 sheets. Every day! That doesn't sound paperless to me! And don't even get me started on my tests, 5,6 and even 7 pages sometimes upon the already used paper. That, my friend, is not paperless...

  • No, that will never happen.

    No, I don't think we are anywhere near reaching the paperless age. Credit card companies could never go paperless. They solicit new accounts through mass mailings so there is no way they could go paperless. Large manufacturing companies rely on paper to communicate with their hourly employees. Advertisers will never go paperless as long as they continue to use mass mailing.

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