• End this world.

    End our misery. We fucked up. Now we can only hit the reset button and try again. It's messed up but there is a solution. His name is Jesus. He will help us in the darkest hour. When the skies turn red. When cockroaches grow to the size of buses. Then he will show us the way

  • No one is ready.

    We will never be ready. The world will end if this happens. World War 3 WILL involve weapons of mass destruction. The world will most likely never recover from WW3 if it happens. Nuclear Weapons are not anything to be happy about. They will kill billions of people if they are detonated.

  • We never will be

    If we start world war 3, Than nuclear weapons will inevitably be involved, And if a nuclear war starts, We WILL all die. Billions will die from famine and even more from the nuclear blast. The earth will never recover from it. In the words of Einstien, “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, But World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones. ”

  • When is anyone even ready

    There will be wars there will be famine and even rich people that prepared bunkers will realized that that they did not prepare right and are too far away to even reach their bunker. Even doomsday peppers will fail and realize that bullets and cans of beans were not enough.

  • Not really for WW3

    With the current situation in this world, Earth would be a bigger disaster. No one would win the war and everything would be gone. All civilization would be done. Almost every country has nuclear weapons, Which would be the weapon of choice. These mass destruction weapons would make Earth uni-habitable and human civilization as we know it would be over.

  • Not now Not now

    We have a pandemic, Racial tension, Technology/economic crisis, And more drama across the world. Are we really ready for WW3? We could be if we had our eyes out because crisis is the best time for an empire to rise up. So are you ready because I am not ready.

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