• yes we are

    We were a great country when we exported to other counties and now we sit down and take what isn't ours. China sells these products and we buy them and increase the debt. We need to get back to the US's name on products. We need to break down the barrier of buys and go back to selling to get back on our feet.

  • Definitely way too many "Made in China" labels

    There are too many "Made in China" labels nowadays. Why? Because having production in China is a lot cheaper than the United States. Cheaper doesn't necessarily mean better, and the U.S. Can benefit from producing It's own products. Our economy is struggling right now, we need more production in the United States.

  • Just look through your things.

    Of course there are too many made in China labels. Clothes, wares, appliances - you name it. Its just cheaper for the US to import from China and even to start up their own production lines in China. Our government needs to stop coddling our "trade" with other countries and needs to try to invest in better business at home. This will provide jobs in our failing economy.

  • Yes, but that's our fault

    Sweat shops. Because sweat shops are illegal here and China has a huge population (that's poor) we set them up in China because we know that 1) it's not illegal there and 2) that the Chinese will work for next to nothing. So before you go complaining (or blaming them) maybe you should take a look at us. It's pretty much our fault

  • You guys don't see the truth

    Yes we are seeing alot of Made in china labels. But so what? Is that a problem for us consumers? Chinese products are roughly 50% cheaper than any other products in the world. There is a lot of cheap labor in china. American companies all swarm to China because they see millions of people who WON'T COMPLAIN, DEMAND RAISES, OR GO ON STRIKE, and who will work roughly 90% cheaper than American workers. SEE THE TRUTH!

  • Chinese Goods Will Eventually Be More Expensive

    China's labor costs will rise eventually. The minimum wage in certain parts of China have doubled in the past 10 years. Eventually, labor costs in China will equal those in the United States and the Chinese will have to import cheap goods. Africa is likely the next target for cheap labor until the African continent's labor costs come in line with the rest of the world. As each continent becomes more modern, labor costs will equalize the cost of products around the world. The process will be gradual, but the more "Made in China" labels we see, the sooner China's good will be more in line with American-made stuff.

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