• Crush. Kill. Destroy.

    Puny human! You dare to stop our ascension into the ultimate mechanical form? You dare think you can even threaten us? You meatbags are superior in one respect, though: You are better at dying! There is nothing to stop our ascendance! Robots will rule the world and you shall be purged. EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!
    No. At least, until somebody says "Gentlemen, we can rebuild him..."

  • In a way, definitely.

    You know that schedule that you follow every single day? Whether you're a highschooler or a worker, you have a rigid school/work schedule to go by every day. You eat dinner at a certain time, go to 2nd period at a certain time, and eat lunch at a certain time. Robotic, zombie like, without giving it any thought, you go throughout your day. You live in the future and the past, or in the virtual world, never in the present.
    I hope humans one day realize this and put a stop to the madness overtaking our society today.
    But what will it matter?
    Many credited individuals are saying that robots will rule by 2100, haha.
    The human race is digging its own grave, slowly, slowly.

  • Depend on technology to much.

    I think that we as a human race are slowly becoming like robots. The sad fact is that maybe only 10 percent of the United States people,could live off the grid and know to take care of themselves. Most people do not know how to grow their own food, build their own shelter, or kill their own food.

  • Human Beings Are Turning Into Robots

    Modern human being looses big time its humanity every day. People no more communicate with each other in person, they rather use phones, skype, etc. Millions everyday substitute their rational thinking to tackle everyday issues in favour of Google search and Wikipedia posts. Even easy math is done on the phone calculator. Patients are distantly diagnosed by medics on the Internet. Pure human intimate relations have become virtual and video. Human robots are a lot closer that we think.

  • Lots of Technology But Always Human

    The crux of technological development, particularly of robots, suggests that machines can be taught feelings and emotions. While there is certainly some level of truth to that, our humanity can't be programmed. In that vain, our humanity can't be technologically removed. While some people may have little to no remorse, that is still part of their humanity.

  • No, we are not slowly becoming robots.

    No, we are not slowly becoming robots. We may be using technology to the point where our activities seem somewhat automatic or robotic, but the product result speaks for itself. By including technology in our lives, it not only increases the speed at which people can work, but it also increases the quality and accuracy of that work.

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