• We are people

    People control their bodies through their brain. We control the brain meaning we move our bodies to do our daily things. We control our actions meaning we are the sole cause of our actions. People do things by their choice because of emotions or even drugs. Even when you are on drugs, you control your actions because you do the things and you chose to take the drugs.

  • we are responsible for our actions.

    When we were born, we were given a brain. We were given parents who taught us right and wrong. We grew to make decisions. When we do something wrong, we hold responsibility for what we do. We could decide not to do it, therefore, we are the sole cause of our actions.

  • Yes, we are.

    The actions we make our to be owned by the person, and no one else. No one can make you do something or act a certain way, no matter the circumstance or the situation. In the end how you react to something, or do no react to something, is solely on you.

  • Our actions, not of others.

    This question is asking if we are the sole cause of our actions. The answer is yes. It is not asking about the actions of others. They choose their actions and although it may influence your actions, you ultimately choose what you do in any given circumstance. The actions of others impact decisions, but we all have free will and the freedom of choice. It is up to each individual to choose the right action or not.

  • Yes, we are.

    People are the sole cause of their actions. We have the freedom and ability to act however we wish, and take responisbility for those actions if necessary. We are very much in control of our own selves and how we go about doing things. I do not believe there is an outside fate controlling us.

  • We are one big pile of influence

    Every thing you do today, is caused by interactions you have had in your life. You think you make a choice, all of us do, but actually that choice has been created by the interactions and influences you have had. If my dad once said to me when I was a kid, that short pants are cool. Unconsciously I will buy short pants 20 years later, thinking in was my own choice. We have no free will. Though, we think we do have one.

  • probability in the brain

    We do have a lot of say in our actions but it end up coming down to probability. You shape your brain to fire neurons for the actions you would want but you only really train probability. There are other causes. The probability is very very likely that the neurons you have programmed to fire during a particular situation will fire it still comes down to the probability that they wont. So we are not the sole cause but we do get a lot of the power over them.

  • We make choices based on the situations around us.

    You may make the choices, but you don't get to make the decision free of outside influences. Your choices will include thoughts about friends and family even if it is something as simple as what to make for lunch. You know that your choices will have an impact on others, so you take that into consideration when you decide.

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