• Yes we are.

    Secular folk take one look at religious fanatics and label all religions as bad because of them. In truth, most religious people are quite reasonable, believe in science, and participate in society just like everyone else. They don't like the fanatics any more than you do, so naturally, they feel bad when you apply the same negative labels you have for fanatics to the normal religious folk.

  • Yes, and it's harmful because...

    Honestly, there is not way to stop religion. This ongoing hate of religion is the reason there are wars being fought over which side is right. Now let me get something, I was raised Catholic, but am not religious to this day, so my opinion leans toward neither side.

    For as long as there is man on this Earth, there will be religion and justification as to which one is "better". Christians will think they are right, Islamists will think they are right, Jews will think they are right, and Buddhists...Well...They are probably to coolest out of them all, but anyways. So to answer the topic question, yes, we are too harsh on religions and the people that are harsh on it have no right in doing so because what are they going to do? Stop religious bickering through more religious bickering? No. Just let everyone believe what they want, in most of the world, it's a free society.

  • Some people are.

    I feel like when some people criticize religious fanatics I.E The westboro baptist church and the radical Islamists, they also criticize the religion as a whole. It feels like whenever anyone says they're religious everyone automatically assumes that they are ignorant sheeple who believe the earth is only 6,000 years old. People need to realize that not every christian hates gays, and not every muslim wants to kill you in the name of Allah. I've met some very intelligent religious people and I think that they're being judged unfairly.

  • We are and it's because...

    Of the radical religious fanatics and how crazy they are. Most religious people like I keep their thoughts to themselves and rarely do they ever speak out against other people's beliefs. A lot of us also accept many scientific facts, like evolution. Most religious fanatics express their opinion through many forms of media like radio and a lot of them are politicians who base their actions on their religion like Michelle Bachman.

  • The moderates do nothing about extremists.

    It is perfectly valid to criticize religion- the only reason we see more of it today is because the religious are no longer able to just KILL heretics and unbelievers (at list in the developed world). And with religious fundamentalism a growing percentage of the religious population, a percentage that attempts to push their beliefs into law and policy, we have every right to not just criticize but chastise belief systems that endanger freedoms.
    Not to mention that those more moderate majorities of these religions say very little when the extremists yammer on- that they do not condemn those who take their belief system to violent or oppressive avenues- and are thus also complicit.

  • Religion Is Bad

    We are not harsh enough when it comes to religion. The government still gives tax breaks to churches. Religions cause war, despair, and poverty. Religions take in suckers and offer them false hope. Religion gets in the way of scientific and philosophical progress. And religion shields many criminals and wrongdoers from receiving various forms of justified punishment. Religions and the religious get special treatment from government and society as a whole, and this needs to stop. So, no -- of COURSE we are NOT too harsh on religion! We are simply not harsh enough...

  • Religion has done far more harm than good.

    I've often asked people if they can think of one ideal throughout history that has led to more violence and death than religion. I am unsurprised that people have, thus far, failed to be able to. It is, in my estimation, the most destructive thing we've ever come up with as a species.

  • No we are not!

    Religion teaches people not to examine evidence and to rely on 'faith'. People can hold a number of damaging views (e.G. Homophobic beliefs), and justify these belief using the Bible and religion. We have a right to be harsh on religion as it makes unrealistic, extraordinary claims with no real evidence.

  • We can't be to harsh on it

    Even if it was true. The amount of needless harm religion has caused is ridiculous. We can't be to harsh on it when you are murdering and torturing people in its name.

    I am not a fan of any false religion and I am have strong anti views on ALL false religion. Especially if it is a extremist religion like Islam.

  • Not at all.

    It is all well and good for the religious moderates to say that "we" are all to eager to lump them in with extremists but you have to look at the bigger picture. We are harsh on religion these days because of all the evil it has commited over the years.

    Religious people often say that because some atheists have done some bad things that atheism is a bad ideology so it is perfectly reasonable to look at the thousands (Doesnt the fact that it has been committing these acts for THOUSANDS of years say something?) of years religion has been causing such pain and think "Nope you have had your chance and you f**ked it up."

    When religions stop hoarding wealth and power and stops acting like it has a right to intrude in the lives of ordinary people then no I dont think we are being to harsh on it. In fact I think it is the other way round. We arent being harsh enough. I know there are many religious people who are genuinely good but I think it is about time we start educating people from the point of view that God does not exist and let them change their mind when they are old enough to learn for themselves and not the other way around.

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