• We are too politically correct.

    In our efforts to ensure that everyone will be happy and non-confrontational, we are becoming weak. As individuals, we want our opinions to be heard; it is an inalienable and right afforded us in our1st Amendment rights. We as Americans are polite but we too have necessary opinions that impact how our country is run and how our policies are created. As part of free speech, awareness of our actions is critical but not to the detriment of the awareness the information. Our country is strong because of our opinions and how those opinions are delivered. We need to exercise this again!

  • We are definitely too politically correct

    I'm a heterosexual white christian male. I don't have cancer, I have all of my limbs, and my parents are working middle class citizens. I'm doing good in high school, and I haven't been bullied, molested, or physically abused. I belong to no minorities. Because of this, I'm forced to walk on egg shells. If I say something about a person being rude, and they're black, I'm considered racist. I say something about one of my female friends being weak, and I'm sexist, though she agrees that she's very weak. I tell a guy to leave me alone and stop hitting on me, I'm considered homophobic. I tell a person to stop being mean, and I'm told to leave them alone because they have it hard enough because they have cancer. I could go on, but I think my point has been made. I'm discriminated against for not being part of a minority, and that shouldn't happen to anyone.

  • Sorry, you have it all wrong.

    I want you to think about this and really let it set in .Think of the Gay, Black, Poor, Latino ... etc. young and old (all) as your younger sisters and or older brothers. As a Christian you should be doing this already, albeit tough. I know this is a weird way to talk about PC, but stay with me. It is not about recognizing your brothers and sisters weaknesses. It is about celebrating them for being children of God and seeing them that way. My sisters get on my nerves and I expected a lot more from my blood brother. However, I realized that no one is perfect nor even close to being sinless. However, the tongue caries life and death. Once you cal someone weak, rude, ...Etc. You put yourself above him/her. Instead see them as your brothers and sisters and let some stuff go as they/others feel you see them as family. They will respond (sometimes not so nicely), but they will feel the love of God if you do.

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