• Yes always

    I for one, can do anything that i want within my physical ability. I can kill you anytime i want, so how can one say that we are not truly free. Our actions are not bound by anything other than our own state of mind. If we had no guilt, we could do about anything we wanted to.

  • Yes, we are free

    We have the freedom to do whatever we want. I could steal all of your money, bomb a school, or kill all of you. There is no law that makes you obey, but there are consequences for whatever we do, good or bad. If our minds are strong, we can do whatever we want, and control our, but if our minds are weak, we will become controlled.

  • For God has given us free will

    Yes, we are free. It is not others that restrict us but our own selves that do. It is our fears and low self esteems and doubts that stop us from achieving great purposes. If we truly relieve ourselves from the restrictions of meeting other people's expectations and just living without a care in the world, then we can truly be free. But it all starts in the mind, and unfortunately, the mind has been programmed from birth to fear and be submissive to society (even if you act otherwise, you will still feel some restrictions), so perhaps, we are not free after all for we are caged by our mind.

  • Free til death

    You are free to do whatever you want because it is your own free will, yet if your freedom is infringing upon the freedom of others than there will be consequences to your decisions. Everyone is born with the same given birth rights which makes you free. Free will is the most important aspect as you are allowed to create your own destiny.

  • We are free

    I think that we are free, just to an extent. I could shoot you all in the head freely, however I'd be arrested. I was free to do so, though. Just with a punishment. Every action comes with a consequence whether it be good or bad, and I think to conclude we are free until we push our look

  • We Are Free

    We have the choice to do as we please, if i wanted to could run out into the street naked but state of mind stops me, just as rules tend to stop others. We are free, there are rules and laws in place but does that mean that we follow them? No, we are free to do as we please (or of course what is physical possible) if we just have consequence or morals/values and views that tend to stop us.

  • In the United States we are free!

    The president of the United States of America says that we are do you agree with me? If we really are free in the United States of America we could do anything that is if we are truly free in the United States of America! Why are there riots going on in the United States!

  • Only In Our Minds

    You are only as free as you allow yourself to be. Freedom can be a subjective term, especially if you linger on small items that you are not allowed to do. For instance, because of the state I live in, it is illegal for me to buy or posses marijuana. It is my choice to follow that law, I have the freedom to break it, if I so chose.

  • Yes we are free.

    No matter how many laws are put into place we are still free to make our own choices. A wise man once said that laws can teach the person but can not control the mind. The mind rules us and it allows us to make our own decisions whether they are stupid or genius. Stop blaming others for what you yourself think you can not do. We can do anything. We just need to be prepared for the consequences that follow our actions. The consequences are what laws are. The consequences do not limit us but instead punish or reward us. It is ourselves that cut off all freedom. It all depends on what you believe and your morals. Honestly, your morals and beliefs are what limit your freedom.

  • Of course.

    Is there anything in life that is humanly possible, that there is no chance for you to do? No. You can do whatever you want in life, morals or politics and punishment may hold you back, but if you wanted to do something, the option is there. We are all free in the sense that nothing is controlling us other than ourselves, it is very difficult to stop someone becoming 'free', but everyone is born free.

  • No, its an illusion.

    No, Freedom is an illusion. We are being controlled in one way or another but it is important here to not generalize control as purely evil. We are free from some kinds of control and this gives us the illusion of freedom. Our behavior is not determined by ourselves but by "reinforcers" in society that are present to promote or stop certain behavior.

  • Never have been

    The us was founded by the illuminati they made the us work so that they just sit around and make all the money while we work to make them rich! Taxes! Law! Money! Fema! They will depopulate the us soon so that only the elite live here and the NEW WORLD ORDER IS ABOUT TO TAKE EFFECT

  • We are not free

    If we are free as a whole, together, why do we still see conflict around our world? Why do we still see racism? Wouldn't you think that once the blacks have freedom all of this racism and discrimination would stop? No, because it is still going on today. You still see countries with people fighting their own blood for freedom. Why do we still see that? Aren't we supposed to work together, to stop this conflict, to have more equality? More freedom? We can't leave out other countries who don't have freedom and be prideful.

  • Of course not.

    Freedom encompasses the concept of being truly free. Western society as a whole to function requires repression rather than expression. To abide by the moral laws, values and views of our society, our natural selves as beasts and killers which, truly, are not bounded by societal norms or conventions must be repressed by our white collared, routine following, time bounded civilized selves.

  • Of course not

    We are not free of government. People believe political people strong do not oppose them. They don't report FIR on them and they go on getting power. Even police gets corrupted. So, from whom we would get justice? It's again like British era, just instead of Britishers, Indians are there. So, raise voice against government.

  • We aren't truly free,

    If it is to be taken literally. As long as there are laws, there will be order, and society is built upon accordance to these laws. As conscious beings, we'll never be as free as birds or bees, such freedoms in us would make us savages.

    Some countries enjoy more freedoms than others, and if you believe democracy induces freedom, then you are free in a democratic nation. But I don't believe we are free in a world where people are subjected to such high degrees of advertising, pushing us to consume and purchase goods we don't even want, where some of the most wealthy corporations in the world primarily deal in soft drinks and fast food.

  • Laws

    If there were absolutely no laws, rules, regulations, guides, recommendations, advice, or anything like that in the world, then yes, we're TRULY free. Once someone "recommends" you don't do something, the ballgame changes. You take that recommendation into account even though you wanted to do something else. Your TRUE freedom is thus invalidated. Same applies to advice. If you would normally take the direct route through a dangerous ghetto to the bus stop, but a poster nearby states you should rather not, your TRUE freedom is gone. In a more understandable case, any law or rule destroys any notion of TRUE freedom. If we were TRULY free, I'd be able to go and kill anyone I want without having to suffer consequences. Also, they are not allowed to defend themselves, since my freedom would be jeopardize by that. Of course, it would be a very bad thing is we were all truly free.

  • No not truly

    No one is truly free. We have all kinds of regulations, laws, and circumstances that make us behave in a certain way. If we were truly free we could do what we wanted with out consequences. We would not have to work or worry about violence or paying the bills with money.

  • No One Is Truly Free

    No, we are not truly free. No one is truly free. True freedom would mean we were not obligated or dependent on anyone for any of our needs such as food, clothing, medicine, housing, heating, etc. It would mean we were not bound by any relationships such as children or parents. True freedom is not a possibility in our world or society. Mankind would quite probably not be happy if given a chance to experience true freedom.

  • No we are not truly free.

    In fact we are far from it. There are hundreds of thousands of laws on the books anymore dictating any and all human behavior, from sex, to drug and alcohol use, and anything in between, with more and more being added by the day perhaps now more than ever before in fact.

    Our ability to make choices for ourselves based upon what we want to do or don't want to do as human beings is severely lessened in this way. The more laws that exist, the less free we are, and we are hardly free at all in today's world.

    So no, we are not truly free. The only real freedom we have, is the freedom to do as we're told.

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Anonymous says2013-03-02T23:20:33.203
It would help if the definition of 'free' was given so everyone could answer the question on equal ground because the answers will become unequivocal.