• Yes, social media has impacted us.

    The rise and abundance of social media and how it has been interwoven into nearly every aspect of social interaction in modern culture, has turned us into a society that views the world and events via smartphones and laptops. With younger demographics, relationships are based around things being "Facebook" official. Wedding announcements, vacations, birthdays, and even the death of friends are all viewed from a distance rather than passed around organically.

  • Yes, we are becoming a generation of observers.

    Few people really do anything in this day and age. When people would rather use their cell phones to film a crime or travesty, than to help- we have a problem. Between that, and the massive meme and youtube culture that has spread, not to mention sites such as reddit, it is glaringly obvious that this generation is plagued with peeping toms.

  • Yes we are turning into a generation of observers because we like watching others.

    Yes, we are turning into a nation of observers who would rather watch other people succeed rather than go out and create our own fortunes. I believe that people are becoming too reliant on others and are observing their before and not making their own fortunes. Less observing could lead to better outcomes for many people.

  • No, we are not a culture of observers.

    No, I believe that we are not turning into a culture of observers, but instead are a generation of people seeking to make it on their own. I believe that calling us a generation of observers means that people are not trying to make it own their own and come up with their own ideas, which I believe is inherently untrue.

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