Are we underestimating the intelligence of other animals?

Asked by: BblackkBbirdd
  • Of course we are

    Animals are equal if not better than ourselves. Dolphin are intellectually smarter than us, elephants feel empathy, revisit graves of fallen herd members and are very smart. Humans are cruel killing each other along with are planet. Humans are the worlds largest invasive species consuming all the planets resources without contributing.

  • Nope nope nope

    Your premise is already wrong, your question is wrong, no such thing as "other" animals, it's either animals or not, cut out the "other" from the phrase "animals", that's darwinistic whining against people who really know themselves that animals has nothing to do with them, just get over with. Animals are not in the same category, the question should be, are humans superior to animals? And the answer is NO.

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