Are we undervaluing emotional self-regulation, and thus enabling emotional submissiveness?

  • Quite the contrary actually

    In many cultures, especially African cultures, children are not allowed to have an opinion on certain matters. What the parents or the family says is law. This applies to young adults too. In fact this applies to many one living under their roof.
    Nowadays, with the help of the west, children are becoming more opinionated and strong-willed. They still do listen to and respect their families but they do not necessarily agree with them all the time.
    In my country, Namibia (Location: South West Africa), children have a platform to express themselves on Television, on the Radio and in Newspapers. We have social networks also where we can post whatever we want. This was not the case 10 years ago but the times are changing.
    I know this is not the case in many other places but this is written from self-experience.

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