Are we wasting taxpayers money by heavy spending on space exploration?

  • Space is a waste of time.

    There are only two things that come out of the space program:

    1. Screensavers
    2. Bragging rights.

    We evolved on this planet. This is our home. Most of these space explorers woudn't dream of living in a germy trailer, but they will subject themselves to even worse conditions just for space.

    The cool multicolor images were INFRARED CAMERAS. In reality, all you see are stars. Your sense of balance also suffers in space. It is very unhealthy to go into space.

    The Curiosity rover cost the US 2.5 billion. That money could:

    1. Provide 5 million computers for schools across the nation.
    2. Provide everyone with a month of food.

    Think of all the water, oxygen, metal, and gold sent up to space for no purpose except national pride.

    As less people can find jobs, it is time the government sets up a welfare system, and the space program getss in the way.

  • Yes, space exploration is a waste of taxpayer dollars.

    Space exploration seemed important in the 1960s when we were in a "space race." But what was discovered by visiting the moon wasn't much, and the other discoveries about planetary objects are interesting but aren't necessary. In fact, we're seeing that companies are now able to do space exploration, so it's possible that it could become a private enterprise in the future, and not require tax dollars. Another concern, though, is the amount of space debris that is being generated in orbit, and could one day be dangerous.

  • Yes we are.

    I do think we are wasting taxpayers money if we spend heavily on space exploration. I do think that some money should be spent but not a huge amount. Unless there is an asteroid tumbling to earth that we haven't been told about. I think that we should spend more money on other things.

  • Save space for a time when we're not in crisis

    I would normally say that space is not a waste of time, and we need to explore it. We do need to explore space and expand our knowledge, but right now, it isn't the best time. The world is in a financial crisis, where important nations have huge deficits. Space contributes to these deficits, so we need to balance the books and solve the financial crisis before we focus on space.

  • The No's have watched too many Sci Fi movies and are probably high. We spent billions and have gained NOTHING for space exploration.

    It's be like if the Spanish a few hundred years back paid Columbus millions to sail circles around the sea and all he'd bring back would be a few sea shells and plankton he scraped off the bottom of his boat after the voyage.

    And also instead of the Americas being thousands of miles away it would be millions of light years.

    Here's a revolutionary idea. How about we put that government money toward ending child starvation in the U.S. before sending people to the moon because we think it'd be cool.

    I think ending starvation would be a lot cooler, but that's just me.

  • Yes we are!

    We shouldn't be borrowing from China to pay for unnecessary programs like space exploration. Sure it would be great if we had the money. It would also be great to end world hunger. But neither of those are possible because our spending is out of control in Washington. Due to too many taxes and regulations, we do not have enough jobs and thus we do not have enough people paying taxes and generating tax revenue.

  • The same arguments were said for extra-european exploration

    No, don't try to sail the Atlantic, it's a waste of money!
    No, don't bother circumnavigating the globe, it's a waste of time!

    Don't you realize that tax money would be better spent on infrastructure and war right here in Portugal and Spain than in trying to explore and discover new parts of the world? Obviously investing money in exploration and innovation is a terrible investment that will never pay off.

  • Oh no! Our best investment for the future

    You can thank exploration for the strides we made in television. Allowing for an impressive increase in information from 1962 onward with the addition of satellites. Of which wouldn't have ever been possible without space exploration.

    You might ask the hundreds of thousands of people who's lives have been saved due to accurate weather forecasting, all thanks to our eyes in space keeping an up-to-date view on hurricanes, droughts, floods and much more.

    Or anyone who's ever used GPS.

    When scientists needed to come up with light, compact, and incredibly efficient protection, framing, technology, and fuel systems for our astronauts in space, the items would inevitably move into the public realm. Some items include digital cameras, laptops, flexible robotics, non-stick pans, green energy alternatives, scratch resistant lenses, water and air purification systems, cochlear implants, jaws of life, water draining innovations (leading to a ridiculous 85% reduction in accidents), "attention getters" focused on keeping astronauts attention have helped increase the attention span of children with ADHD, and even CAT scans!

    By forcing engineers and scientists to work within the constraints of limited space, energy, and durability, NASA has come up with some astounding creations. (Think things like microchips and advanced electronics like cellphones having the ability to shrink in size while becoming exponentially more powerful.)

    These are just things that have already come from space travel. Imagine what awaits us if we continue down this path?

    Space travel is a necessity. Eventually this planet will die, and if we have no way to escape from our one home, it will become our tomb.

    In my humble opinion, if we all understood how desperately dependent we are to this planet, and to one another, our perspective towards one another would be radically different.


    This is our planet in 1990 from the space probe Voyager 1

    As Carl Sagan so eloquently put it:
    "That's us. On it everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever was, lived out their lives. The aggregate of our joy and suffering, thousands of confident religions, ideologies, and economic doctrines, every hunter and forager, every hero and coward, every creator and destroyer of civilization, every king and peasant, every young couple in love, every mother and father, hopeful child, inventor and explorer, every teacher of morals, every corrupt politician, every "superstar," every "supreme leader," every saint and sinner in the history of our species lived there – on a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam."

  • What are we even spending?

    .48% of the national budget is on NASA, over 600 Billion dollars is spent on the Military.
    Science over war, maybe humanity can finally hold hands and look at the stars instead of assault rifles, then maybe things will get better.

    Remember, it is our children's future. Lets teach them to be curious, not hate.

  • Space Exploration is Not A Waste

    I do not believe the United States government is wasting taxpayer money when they invest heavily in space exploration. I believe space exploration is very important to the advancement of humanity and everything we learn now will greatly benefit us in the future. I believe this is one of the best programs the United States has.

  • I am not from the US. If it's economics than the burden should be shared for a starter.

    However space exploration should not stop. For all purposes perhaps we might even find "god" in the cosmos that perhaps it's just an advanced race of aliens that came to be religion. As shown in science fiction.

    The argument that the money could have fed more children and so forth. Is a pointless one. Like mentioned before me. Military not just in the US worldwide has the most amount of money pumped into. Why? Do we want to have world wars? Are humans still that backward, that we can never come to live together as a species?

    It seems that a lack of technology and knowledge to solve these problems is the cause, which would mean money should get pumped into R&D world wide. Instead of military, meaning to say. People need to pull their sh*t together and learn to live and let live. Which seems impossible. Hence it's the human condition that is the hurdle.

    Space exploration has the greater good interest of humanity in the long haul. Also again like mentioned above space exploration which includes satellites. Those things drive the current global system. If it weren't for space exploration we won't have such a globally connected system. So in the short time it seems that is no fruit to it.

    However over the long haul breakthroughs will happen as they have happened and just like how satellites have changed way of life.

  • New technology is good.

    I do not see using money to fund space programs and to do research is a waste. I think that a lot of technological advances happen because of this type of money. Eventually we are either going to have to expand or we will overpopulate the earth. We need space exploration.

  • Space is the Future

    As it is, companies aren't putting enough money into space exploration for the government to stop yet. Once the private sector really gets into spacey things, then the government won't need to worry about it as much. We will eventually need to go into space, so we need to make sure that we focus enough research on being able to effectively do so.

  • Space is the future.

    We have evidence to support the multiverse theory, which means that Earth is even smaller in the big picture. How can we say that the Space Program is pointless? It is the future of mankind, the future of everything. We will need to terraform planets eventually, we will almost definitely run into alien life, so why not try and discover the life ourselves? The space program is more important than almost any other program out country has. We cannot deny the future.

    Posted by: SNP1
  • Space exploration is essential for the long-term survival of the species.

    If we stay on this globe we call home, eventually, humanity is going to be wiped out. Maybe it will be a planetoid strike, maybe a supervolcano, maybe nuclear war. If we can expand beyond this fragile planet, this ruined biosphere, we need to do so. Aside from the obvious "sci-fi" ad hominem by nickisgod378, we need to expand, so that one global catastrophe doesn't wipe out humanity.

  • Space exploration Innnovation

    Today NASA spends billions of Dollars to make space equipment. The application of which to real life would be a tremendous boon and would help produce more new products. Now improvements in technology made by space exploration should be used to solve problems here as well as vise versa i.e. improvements made in non space exploration technology must be used for space exploration and earth.
    The government should in fact encourage its use.

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kaister says2014-02-11T16:29:25.433
If any space exploration should be privatised given the current global system. People like incentives for what they do. In this current world, it's about money. Every where it is about being money minded. So if private organisations are given the opportunity to expand into space, we will see much faster growth in space exploration and can ease burden on governments spending for it.

However it also brings along with it problems such as, space exploration becomes something only meant for the rich. Which is as good as saying healthcare should be something only for the rich. So honestly speaking. Many problems being faced are by product of this current global economic system we have going. Problem is nobody can think of any other better system. Not only that humans must also mature to think as a species, to see as the human race and not America, Europe, Asian and so on. Only then space exploration would even be worth it. No point colonising Mars, if we bring along our habits of shooting rockets at each other.

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