• The U.S is winning the war against ISIS

    Yes, we are winning the war against ISIS. ISIS has lost about 60% of its territory since January 2015. The U.S has authorized a bombing campaign intended to wipe out ISIS. The U.S and its allies have also killed top ISIS leaders, reduced the number of fighters, and cut off much of its oil supply.

  • Yes, but more global cooperation is needed.

    Yes, we are winning the war against ISIS and it is clear that ISIS will be defeated, especially with the prospect of someone like Trump, a man with an iron fist, coming into power. However, it is imperative that the rest of the world and the US ramp up spending and aggression in the fight against ISIS. More drastic measures should be taken to defeat this terrorist group.

  • U.S. is winning the war against ISIS

    The U.S. appears to be winning the war against ISIS. Since the group came to prominence, they have lost huge swaths of land. There are currently in a battle in Iraq, and appear to be losing more territory. Previous volunteers are reported to be seeking asylum and ways to escape the group's clutches.

  • No, we are not winning the war against ISIS.

    ISIS continues to be a part of our news reports on a daily basis. The current Washington administration has made us look weak as a country and therefore ISIS has been brazen all over the world. The U.S. needs a strong leader to protect America and her allies from ISIS as well as other terrorist groups.

  • No, ISIS is still a strong force in the Middle East

    The United States is not winning the war on ISIS. The militant group is still very strong in the Middle East and is quickly gaining more and more territory. The United States should join forces with the Middle East and other nations in order to wipe out ISIS and put a stop to their regime.

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