• They are divided.

    Yes, we are witnessing the last gasps of the GOP, because the GOP will not listen to its constituency. The constituents are much more conservative than the leadership. The actual voters are more like the tea party, but the leaders are the neoconservatives. Until the GOP starts listening to its own voters, they will have no backers.

  • I think we are.

    The GOP are grasping to very archaic ideals right now. They didn't used to be this religious or this draconian. I have no idea what happened to this party, but now all they are are fear mongering draconian politicians who want to cause nothing but inequality. The extremists got control of it.

  • Yes, I believe that is exactly what is happening.

    Yes, I believe the GOP has lost it's core strength and it's days are numbered. Thanks to all of their immature tactics and temper tantrums, I believe the Republican party has succeeded only in shooting itself in the foot. I believe people are tired of the constant games and lines drawn in the sand.

  • People just like the GOP

    As much as people tend to rail on about how terrible job the GOP is doing. How they literally are taking our rights away, by trying to restrict voting, discrimination against gays laws,and how women are evil for using birth control. The stand your ground laws, which seem to be made for black people or other minorities. People will still vote them in and the GOP will still control the House and probably take back the Senate. They look out for no one but themselves, and their rich buddies. Yet, people keep voting them in to get verbally abused by them and taken advantage of. Believe it or not I used to be for the Republicans. Those days are over.

  • No, reports of political party demise are always premature

    Modern political parties are too established to die out as they did in centuries past. Rather, they constantly change and adapt to social and political trends, coming and going from power as part of an inevitable pendulum of public preferences. Many times in recent decades partisans jumped at the chance to proclaim their adversaries wiped out, and themselves part of a new, permanent majority. They are always wrong.

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