• More hip hop crap

    If you ask me. I think webcams make people more dumb if you ask me. Lol. I think webcam conversation are the dumbest most hip hop kinda thing ever made on the planet. I find that to be so stupid, it's beyond the point of redeemable. Just looking at a web convo makes me puke.

  • I agree totally

    Long distance relationships, family, when the people we love are not with us sometimes just hearing the voice is not enough you want to see there face and video chatting is the solution! I don't know how anyone could disagree, if someone you love moved would you would want to their face.

  • No, they are not

    We need social contact. Some people spend a lot of time online these days and forget about the outside world. Webcam chat is a great way to use the internet and still stay social. It's hard to communicate and interpret feelings and emotions in text alone. Also, sometimes people just want to hear the sound of someone's voice. Think of people in the army who want to hear and see their family. And conferences. Imagine having meetings and conferences in the same room if the people live overseas. Think of the cost of travelling there and back. It would be much easier to have cyber meetings.

  • Not at all.

    Staying in touch with family members, a long-distance relationship, and business meetings area all benefits of video calling. It allows us to talk face to face, even if we can't meet in person. We can all benefit in some way or another. And to be honest, why not video chat?

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