• Weight loss surgeries are a better hope for obese people.

    Weight loss surgeries are a better hope for obese people. Gastric bypass surgeries have been proven to help obese people lose weight. A gastric bypass makes it physically impossible for an obese people to eat extremely excessive amounts of food because the gastric bypass reduces the size of the stomach,

  • Yes, I think weight loss surgeries are a better hope for obese people.

    I think if you are overweight to the point where it is negatively effecting your health then a surgery is likely your best option to lose weight, I think that if you are only overweight by a small amount then surgery is not necessary, overall if your weight is effecting your quality of life then surgery offers a ray of hope.

  • Weight loss surgeries are not good to loss weight.

    Although they do loss weight they have a shrunken stomach so if they eat to much all it will do is expand again. And it won't benefit them at all. Plus surgeries can always be dangerous so if the doctor messes up the patient could get hurt and maybe even die.

  • Weight loss surgeries have been a disappointment to many people.

    Weight loss surgeries have had many unforeseen side effects. For instance, my wife had gastric bypass surgery. It worked for the weight loss until the stress of life overwhelmed her and she got careless with her eating. That was her fault. Unfortunately, the surgery also put her in a full starvation mode, causing her to be malnourished and develop neuropathy due to the lack of proper nutrition. Worse, it turns out that this surgery causes anemia because it blocks the absorption of iron in the gut. While surgery may be necessary and useful, the medical community has been a little too eager to adopt it widely prior to getting long term feedback about problems.

  • They do not teach discipline.

    Weight loss surgeries are not a better hope for obese people. This is because they do not teach personal discipline. People are always looking for the shortest, quickest way to a resolution, and weight loss surgery happens to be the trend of the moment. Obese people should simply learn to use discipline like the rest of society does.

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