• No they are not safe

    In the world right now whaling is going on and those harmless whales are being killed just for there blubber and oil. If you think about it, we have solar power in in the world and we can use the solar power to charge are items in the house. This is why I think they are not safe

  • There are environmental agencies.

    Yes, whales are now safe enough, because there are environmental organization that look after them. The whales are one of the species that are sacrosanct. They are similar to the Panda and the dolphin. The population is high, and is constantly monitored by environmental groups that are not going to let the whales die out.

  • Yes, I believe that whales are now safe enough.

    Overall I believe that whales have more protections then ever globally, many nations have outright banned the hunting of them and have quickly punished those that do so anyway, so compared to any other point in recent years I would say that whales are safer now then they have ever been.

  • not at all

    no, with the planet slowly starting to warm up, there is a whole lot of whales that are starting to be in a whole lot of danger, and they are not at all safe or out of the way of danger just yet. They are still at chance of ruin.

  • No, whales are not safe enough.

    I do not think that whales are safe enough. There is still a lot of countries who hunt and kill whales. I think that there is still a lot more that the international community can do to prevent the slaughter of whales from illegal fishing and hunting. I think that until then, whales are still in danger.

  • Whales are still under serious threat.

    The American whale hunt has been eradicated, but America is not the world. Whale products still receive a high price. Most everything on a whale can be sold in one market or another. They are kept rare in order to keep profits up. Only a few whaling ships still function, and are typically run by heavily armed men willing to fight for their share of a big whale.

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