Are whistleblowers like Bradley Manning truth-tellers (yes) or traitors (no)?

  • Yes, they're all heroes.

    Whistleblowers such as Edward Snowden are heroes. Neoconservatives, certain democrats, and conservatives can bugger off with their mass surveillance programs and illegal drone strikes. Despite Putin is no saint, assassinating investigative journalists, bad human rights record in Chechnya, demolition of Georgia, banned homosexual parades and protests in Moscow for 100 years, said Stalin's legacy can't be judged in black and white, and has made Russia into an oligarchy, I'm still glad he protected Edward Snowden.

  • Yes they are

    Whistle-blowers, such as Bradley Manning, are heroes. They blow the lid of the ridiculous notion that an act of barbarism committed by authorities is still an act of barbarism. They are the epitome of what it means to be a human being, as their love for human life and decency shows it.

  • Yes, Bradly Manning is a hero

    It takes great courage to tell the truth, especially in the face of overwhelming power working against you. Manning and those like him do us all a valuable service by exposing the lies and the cover-ups that the government is involved in. It's a tragedy that instead of being hailed as a brave soul, he remains in the custody of the very organization he embarrassed by telling the truth.

  • Whistle blowers are truth tellers, not trouble makers.

    Whistle blowers are trying to inform the world about what is happening. In Bradley Manning's case he was uncomfortable with the secrecy and certain killings during the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Manning did not release the leaks to make trouble for anyone. He released the information so tax payers would know what their tax money was supporting as OK in wars.

  • No, some whistleblowers can cause harm.

    When whistleblowers release confidential information, serious breaches of security can occur. There is a reason for some things to be secret and that is to protect many things and persons that could be subject to danger if the information was released. Classified documents need to be protected and treated with care.

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