Are white Americans judged more harshly on whether or not they are non-racist than members of any other racial groups?

  • Yes, it is complicated

    Yes, until we start judging others on an individual basis, all races will be stereo-typed. Unfortunately, the majority will be judged more harshly because the majority usually has the advantage (I.E.- voting, hiring, corporate decisions etc). Watch a few episodes of "what would you do", people tend to make snap judgments. It is my hope that things will change in the near future.

  • It sorta depends

    Italians, Germans, Spanish, and (depending) English -- not so much
    Scandinavians and Scots (except Highlanders) -- you betcha. The KKK, Jim Crow, imperialism -- that's their negative. It's affected many people. That doesn't mean all of them are bad mind you. But if they are getting the overshadowing judgment it's cause their history was like that.

  • Yes, they are indeed.

    White Americans are judge more on this type on conflict because they have been known to be the supreme race, so to speak, of the Americas for quite some time now. We learn our history through the eyes of the whites, and that is good reason to believe we are judged.

  • Yes, I think white Americans are sometimes judged more harshly whether or not they are racist or not over other groups.

    It's unfortunate but throughout history whites have often been the most racist ones against other groups so it's built into our culture to hold whites to a higher standard or not when making racial remarks, so I do very well believe that whites are held to a much tougher standard when examining if they are racist or not then any other group.

  • Safety in Silence

    There is a stigma and double standard that is starting to appear in society. Guilt as well as conflict amongst other cultures have caused much tension to build. This tension is causing people to be blind how the actual person is, and not seperate the belief from the human being.

  • White Americans should be judged more harshly

    White Americans should be judged more harshly on whether they are racist. White people have privileges that other lesser represented groups are often denied. Due to America's history of de facto and de jure racism, white Americans, particularly white men, still dominate many institutions, businesses, markets, and governments. Although the racial distribution of power is changing, the people who are currently in power (white Americans) need to closely scrutinize their own actions for acts of racism. Likewise, racist acts should be subject to harsh judgment from others.

  • No They Aren't

    I believe we have some people in the United States who are ultra sensitive to anything related to race. As a white American I'm not at all concerned about how people perceive my attitudes. I know I'm not a racist and that's all that is important to me. I don't walk around proving that I'm not a racist.

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