• Yes sadly I am a tragically white male.

    If I were to stand up and say "I'm white and I'm proud!" I would immediately be counted as a racist. I envy those who can stand for black pride and Hispanic pride and Asian pride. In my life I have never uttered a single disparaging racist word to describe someone. I've been called plenty. As a farmer I've been called Redneck, Hick, Cracker (although apparently this has been clarified during the Zimmerman trial to mean "gay rapist"), Whitey, and Honky (never understood that one). My wife and I have had drinks and popcorn dumped over our heads at a movie theater being that we were the only Caucasians in the theater and then with them laughing my wife ran out of the theater and people threw popcorn the whole way to the door. I have a masters degree and it was so hard to work in my field I gave it up for a life by my own terms. I'm not claiming discrimination on that count, but it is something we all share isn't it? Once I rode a bus into a city for an interview (I wont say which city) and when I got on I was immediately told by a group of men to "get to the back of the bus f****n' whitey." I get it. I do. I can't change what happened 200 years ago or 50 years ago or yesterday. I've always tried to live my life as a kind person. I teach my son to be kind. There's absolutely no discrimination in my household. I'll give you one guess where my son first heard the word "nigger". It wasn't from me or my wife. In my eyes you absolutely cannot say that white males aren't discriminated against. That is not the reality. Reality is that we ALL are discriminated against. Politicians love discrimination because it gets them elected. Media loves discrimination because it gets them ratings. Misanthropes love discrimination just because. I'll end with this... It's small minded. Martin Luther King had a dream and this wasn't it. Expand your mind. Judge someone by their actions, not by their looks.

  • Cards stacked against us

    As a white male in the business world I was shocked to see reverse discrimination first hand. Norwest (now Wells Fargo) hired less qualified Africa Americans over white men on a regular basis. They also promoted less qualified women over men for middle management positions.
    Quickly changing topics-has anybody ever noticed modern day commercials? Carfax always shows white men ripping off minorities & women. Their theme is you need to use their service or get taken for a ride by the white man! Also, how about the Michael Jordan underwear commercials? He's so cool surrounded by dorky white men who want to be like him!

  • Just because I'm white doesn't mean I'm made of gold.

    "Oh, you're black? You must be good at sports!"
    "You're Asian? You must be good at math!"
    "You're white? You must be successful!"

    It's all discrimination. We're all human and we are all individuals. Whenever I hear someone say white people have it so much better, I want to correct them as I am not any more successful than the next guy. I can't, because I'm white. I don't drive a fancy car or work a great job or make a lot of money. I still have bills to pay and watch the same TV, walk the same streets, eat the same foods, enjoy the same sports and wear the same clothes as everyone else.

  • Look around you

    Making distinctions between people based on race is inherently raciest. Just because you doll it up and call it “diversity” does not make it any less racist. There are scholarships out there for every color person except white people and if you tried to create a “white scholarship” you would be labeled a racist.

  • Obvious to anyone with eyes and a brain.

    From college admission, to scholarships, to portrayal in the media, white men are treated worse than any other demographic out there. There are concrete things like admissions and advancement that are all race based and favor any other group over white males, but there are also societal portrayals which reflect an increasingly hostile anti-white male dialogue in our society. From bumbling, no dance skill, socially awkward portrayals constantly put forth by the media, to even such things as home security commercials which ALWAYS show a white male breaking in a house committing a crime (which statistics show is untrue). It is amazing how openly derided, denigrated, and ridiculed white males are in our society.

  • Yes indeed we are!

    As a 4.0 graduate from a competitive Ph.D program, with a published book and loads of classroom and online teaching experience, I have continually been passed over for assistant professor job searches within my specialty fields. Because my research subjects tend to be white males -- face it, they were the ones who fought the majority of America's conflicts -- I get shunted aside for those memes who focus on gender and race. When shopping around my dissertation on skilled white male workers, the first criticism was that there's not enough women or blacks. Sorry, but neither group was encouraged to be skilled workers in the New South! I started out my career as being pretty liberal, but all my empty job searches and the obvious hiring games academia plays have me pretty disillusioned. The pendulum has swung too far in the other direction, with minorities being treated as the majority. This is not equality.

  • I'm an racist anomaly

    I've lived my life as a white male, and recently in my government class I discovered that some of my black friends were against affirmative action. What??? If I was a minority, I'd personally accept any little boost that I could get in order to have an easier life, but that's probably because I DON'T GET ANY. It's probably a point of pride that they think that if they have affirmative action that they won't have accomplished (or had to accomplish) as much as the 'equivalent' whites. I have since been against affirmative action because I think it might screw minorities over more than it helps them. Let me explain. If people think that they have a boost into college, or a job, or wherever, they won't work as hard. And if they don't work as hard, they won't just fall a little bit, they'll fall A LOT. People overestimate what 'easier' means. It still doesn't mean 'easy', rather, it probably means 'simpler'.
    Affirmative action aside, I would just like to point out that A) more whites would look up this sort of question (which is the most likely reason that it's 89% to 11%) and B) any discrimination is unfair. Sure, some people are OVERWHELMINGLY discriminated against more AS AN AVERAGE. But those sort of averages that make up the argument for the statement "Oh poor white. Getting discriminated against? Feel like your rights are getting taken? Oh, well, that's too bad... Can't do much about it..." And those same averages account for police shootings and racism against blacks, things that the Black Lives Matter community won't fail to point out is a terrible atrocity (which I agree with!).
    People discriminate out of their nature. They discriminate because of things they're heard, or not been exposed to. But I think I may be one of the most qualified to speak for white racism.
    So many people in the 'Yes' column have already pointed out that anything that might possibly SUPPORT whites will be automatically labeled as racist. And it's true. But whites discriminate because they're white, and like everyone else, want the best outcome for himself.
    I grew up in the 'rural-ish suburbs' (I don't know what to call them) and I grew up in a townhouse. I grew up about two to three miles from the city center (small city, but high population--there isn't much commercial, mainly residential). I grew up in (probably) the most diverse elementary school that led into ONE of the most diverse high schools in the most diverse county in the nation. Which meant there were minimal whites. And when I say minimal, I MEAN MINIMAL. I was one of two white kids in my graduating elementary school class. There was probably close to a 35-45% black population and close to another 25-35% Hispanic. About 10% were Asian (any Asian country) The rest were mixed, and only a few were mixed with whites. Then there were the two whites.
    Check comments for further explanation.

  • Black lesbian got my promotion.

    Internal posting called for a college degree. They gave the job to my assistant. She did not have a degree but they gave her six months to complete her course work. Six months later they eliminated the position and created a new identical position whose requirements fit her qualifications. Job was posted and closed the same day due to a "clerical" error. She appeared in a photo in the annual report. They posed her at a desk like she was the CEO.

  • Yes we are

    Equality would wipe out discrimination if it was true equality but it isnt as every race and gender has something they can do/say to claim discrimination but white males have nothing and if they did you they really be taken seriously? I know that white males in the past have done alot of very bad things but why should we have to pay for there mistakes?

  • You bet your stupid ass!

    Everybody wants to take a chunk outta whitey. We are up against everyone, including our own sisters. There's so many misguided conclusions put into social policy it makes me laugh. We submit into society a moral character, behaviour, and mannerisms incomparable, and we deal with endless, often childish, antagonisms - it's a farce. I have no education, yet when I go to different forums I walk all over people who have degrees in blah blah blah. It's just the way it is, and no amount of helping out the helpless and taking from 'whitey' is going to change anything. Fortunately I'm such a hero that I don't have to deal with the problems many of my brethren do. But I see, I see it!

  • This Is Hilarious To Me

    White males are probably the one demographic of people that get discriminated against the least, if at all. They have no struggle for the most part. Might males are walking on the yellow brick road and do not have to worry about discrimination like the rest of the world does.

  • No, They Are Usually The Opressors

    "Discrimination against white men" is one of the most absurd canards one finds on the conservative side of the political spectrum. A lot of white men are born into much better economic circumstances then people of color. They also benefit from a system that has historically skewed in their direction.

    Posted by: rpr
  • No, no, no, no, haha.

    I'm a white male and this question just makes me laugh. Yes, I've been passed up on applications because I'm not a minority or because I'm not bilingual, but that's not under my control. Yes, we're a dime a dozen, or so it seems like, and nothing really special about us, so I could see why there would be reason to discriminate against us. But, that just isn't the case. I would know, wouldn't I? Wouldn't I? Don't make me laugh.

  • Not at all

    How are white males discriminated? We hold most of the Fortune 500 CEO positions, most of the 50 wealthiest people ranks, make more than women and minorities. We hold most of government positions. This is laughable. We never have a problem finding a jury of our peers, we aren't targeted by rapists when alone, we aren't followed by security for entering a store. It goes on and on.

  • Are you kidding me?

    Really? White males already have the upper hand in just about everything. White males have always been in power. People have always had to answer to white males. How are they unfairly discriminated against? Discriminated, yes, unfairly so, absolutely not. People have very good reason to discriminate against quite males.

  • White people run the world.

    How the **** can they be discriminated against when thy run the majority of business, government, police forces, and other positions of power even their control of the media. How can the most discriminating race be discriminated against with ample negative effect. White people can get what ever they want these days without trouble because their white homies will always be some where to help pull them up.

  • Ha! Nice joke

    Everyone knows white people are inherently racist. Affirmative Action is forcing white people, who control the country, to overcome their racism and ensure those who deserve jobs get them. If white people do better on a test, does it mean whites are superior? Since everyone is equal, you should control these scores to make sure that each group is equally represented.

  • Possibly, but not at all in the same way that other races are discriminated against

    Looking at the affirmative column, I see a lot of complaints about affirmative action. I'm not going to flat out deny that white men lose out because of affirmative action, and I'm certainly not going to say that most of your complaints aren't legitimate--because I simply don't know. I myself have never suffered or lost out through affirmative action because I'm white, but that does not in any way mean that no one has.

    What I take serious issue with is any kind of equation of this sort of discrimination with that suffered by other races. Yeah, maybe I'll miss out on a job or several 'cause I'm white. But I have never and probably will never face contempt based on the color of my skin. I'll never feel like I'm less than another person because I'm white. I might be inferior in other ways, but these will always be things I can work on and change. Our culture--intentionally or not--elevates whites in subtle but powerful ways. For example, the fact that black and hispanic students are assumed to have gotten where they are because of affirmative action, instead of by their own merits.

    Throughout my academic career, I've taken several classes on the subject of racism. I'm not trying to say that I'm now an expert on race, but I have noticed something. I've read many firsthand accounts from black students and heard from my black peers that the kinds of discrimination they face undermines them as people. It isn't even through open, hostile, malicious racism. For the most part, it's subtle and accidental social queues that make them feel this way. It's an entirely different sort of discrimination that I don't think any white American ever faces.

  • Seriously? No way.

    Study after study points to the opposite, i.E. The fact that women make 77 cents to the dollar of their male counterparts, or that a White-sounding name will give you a 50% chance over a Black-sounding name of getting a callback. Any time that White men complain about a "less qualified Black person getting the job" I have to wonder if they actually know that the other person was less qualified, or if it's just a racist assumption on their part.

  • No no and absolutely NO

    White males are not unfairly discriminated against because for hundreds of years they, including myself, have been given control of society. Women, Blacks, Latinos and many other groups are just starting to peak into the world of equality and now people are claiming that white males are being mistreated? That is like saying there is a war on Christianity because a few atheists are getting equal rights.

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Anonymous says2013-06-12T12:35:27.030
The Segment below is from a Freddie Mac Website. It is used to gather questions about applicants. Basically they want to know if I or anyone that applies if from a so called "Minority". Why would Freddie Mac want to know this?The reason for the site is to receive real estate leads from Fraddie Mac. You will notice the only class of people that they are not asking about are "white males" . I can only assume that a white male looking for buyer leads on the Freddie Mac site will indeed be discriminated against. Yes History has been on the side of white males and has been for a long time. This is something that has changed. Is this an attempt by society to even the score. I say yes. The sad part is this is a government agency that is leading the way. We need to be rid of all discrimination. This is the only way to make this country free from its past. So we can all just move on to the future.

This came from a Freddie Mac application page. Https://homebase.Homesteps.Com/join-homebase.Asp

If this company is a concern in which at least 51% of the combined total of all classes of stock is owned by any of the following groups, who are US citizens, and who also control 1 and operate2 the business, please check all boxes below that apply: African Americans
Asian-Indian Americans
Asian-Pacific Americans
Disability-owned firm
GLBT-owned firm
Hispanic Americans
Native Americans
Service disabled Veteran-owned
Woman-Owned Business

This company has been certified as a minority/woman owned business enterprise by: Select one Local Agency Minority Council/Org Other State Agency US Govt Agency
Anonymous says2013-08-04T13:10:04.580
If you are white, male, and of average intelligence in this country, you are screwed. The academic standards are higher for whites in college acceptances. If you are black or hispanic and have the same average or slightly below average SATs and GPA as your white counterpart, the colleges give preferential acceptance to the black and hispanic student over the white student. It's leaving a lot of white males out in the cold opportunity and lifetime earnings capacity-wise and making them very angry. Not to mention the inherent double racism in this system of acceptances. What it says is, if you are of an ethnic minority, we don't expect you to be as smart as whites...And if you are white, you had better be smarter than both ethnic minorities AND your fellow whites! We need to take the race checkboxes off of college applications and simply evaluate the merits of each applicant (it would be nice to remove the gender box too but names give that away. Sure, names can be ethnic too but not always).
With manufacturing and trade jobs disappearing, we are creating whole generations of white males who are denied the same opportunities to succeed in white collar jobs as their counterparts among ethnic minorities, and no blue collar jobs to fall back on. And I won't even go into all the grants and scholarships that specifically exclude you if you are white and male.
MacD says2013-08-04T13:20:29.427
Any mother of a white, male son will tell you this is true (that their sons are discriminated against).
AnonyFeline says2015-01-04T12:29:36.750
What many fail to realize is that white males have had a most, if not all, of the power and advantage in society. This advantage has been transferred generationally through families, friends, institutions, and the media for a very long time. Suggested viewing material on privilege: Tim Wise (all), Neil DeGrasse Tyson (on equal opportunity and access), and a recent interview of Macklemore
where the calls out the privilege and "free passes" he has by simply being a straight white male in the music and entertainment industry.

I challenge all deniers to thoroughly absorb the messages of these people and conclude that whit privilege does not exist, or that the straight white make is in a more difficult circumstance that a non-white. Good luck. You'll need it.

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