Are white people more privileged than black people?

  • This is the most redundant queston ever

    Of course they are! White people don't get judged when they walk in a room full of white poeple! They are the dominant race and will be for a long time. Look at the history of black people and ask this question again. It wasn't that long ago that blacks were denied entry into public buildings and denied jobs when they were clealry qualified. Less than a 100 years ago. My dad remembers when he was growing up how he wasn't allowed to play on the same playground as the rest of the white kids in his neighborhood. Just becuase there aren't signs up now doesn't mean people don't still think this way.

  • Yes, because we are different.

    While other races including "white" (irish) also came to America and were treated horribly they were able to assimilate because of there skin color and features. It's different for us because our skin color makes us readily recognizable as black. White people don't have to be judged everyday just for being themselves.

  • Yes, because white people typically come from a more socioeconomically stable background.

    Although it is true that not every white person is more privileged than every black person is, it is true that the socioeconomic status of a majority of white people is higher than that of a majority of black people. So the group of whites, as a whole, is more privileged in terms of economic stability than the group of blacks is. Negative stereotypes also apply themselves to blacks from past racist sentiments, and that impedes the group's ability to reach equal footing as well.

  • Whites have WAY MORE privilege

    I was in class once and my dumb as frick teacher was talking about slavery .Before I go any further I want you to know in this class we were playing as pirates or ships. When he mentioned that people would sell slaves for money on ships. Some boy said that we should do that and the class began laughing. My teacher asked how many of us would buy slaves and more than half class had raised there hand. People I considered best friends said "I would buy yo just to set you free Jazz." Might I remind you this was 5th grade. Other people said they would sell their slaves kill the owner to double their money. People thought about painting other people brown to have a slave. I sat their just shocked. You'd think the teacher would stop it. Nope. He said 'Alright class were going stop cause this making a classmate uncomfortable' He looked right at me and nodded. I was angry and I sat their very unhappy. People still talked about it.

  • Open your eyes and look around

    No argument to prove facts...Its all around you like the air...If you don't see it then its like the air you can't see it but its there by psychological effect...That psychological affect is so powerful that it is transpose into the minds of white people from the other side of the fence when they look at a person of color. There's something's time can't change.

  • Racial privilege is not an individual phenomenon.

    Certainly hardship is not restricted to certain races. Black people are hardly the only group of people who have been historically mistreated by others. Indeed, today many black people succeed while many white people fail because of fewer opportunities. The reality is, however, that black people do on average worse than white people. It is tempting to say that the black people are less willing to work hard to get ahead as others have done in the past, and this is what creates the gap between blacks and whites in the US. Yet, a closer examination reveals that this simply cannot be the case because race is independent of predisposition to laziness; to argue otherwise would be scientifically inaccurate. Thus, only socioeconomic and race factors make black people more "lazy" than white people. When members of the two races are not on average given equal opportunities in their parents' income, quality of schooling, choice of neighborhood, exposure to high income jobs, lack of voter representation in their area, low family time, et cetera, it is only natural to find that the black people are on average more "lazy" than white people. This is not to say that the whites have a privilege that negates their hard work. This is hardly true; white people have a "privilege" only in a statistical sense. It would be a severe misapplication of the statistics behind race to claim that a successful white person got there because of his or her race. In reality, many white people work hard out of tough situations while many other white people have a life of success more or less handed to them when they are born. The same thing can be said of black people, only the numbers are somewhat different.

  • Of Course They Are

    How can anyone even deny this in this day and age? Study upon study upon study have been done to show just how bad racism still is in this country, and yet you still have people acting like they don't know what's going on. Whites are valued over blacks. Whites are considered more intelligent than blacks. Whites are considered more competent than blacks. Whites are considered "better" than blacks in almost every way possible. Anyone who denies this knows the truth.

  • Since when did blacks gain a monopoly on disadvantage?

    Waves and waves of white immigrants for generations were met with the same hostility that blacks claim to be so rampant now, yet they were able to overcome it. The Irish were treated worse than blacks in many instances and were often indentured servants. Also, the word slave comes from the Slavs in eastern Europe who were treated brutally. Are blacks more disadvantaged than whites? Hardly, they just like to complain about it more to justify their stagnation in society.

  • Everyone is treated the same.

    I don't agree with the fact that the white people are more privileged than black because what is available for the white is also available for the blacks as well this includes everything from housing to health care. Its just how different people look at different things. Some people work at their goals harder then others

  • We are equal

    We are all the same no matter what skin colour, We are all human and i can't believe this is even a question. I hate that people judge you by your skin colour or by the way you dress or look we are human and we can't change who we are, But we can change the way we think so stop being so nasty.

  • It depends on what the issue is.

    I don't disagree that blacks have been discriminated against for decades. Some examples were segregated neighborhoods, and being banned from certain places in earlier decades. But now blacks are allowed to live wherever they wish, provided that they can afford to and go to different public places. As far as living in areas, I realize that there are a lot of areas that are predominantly black. Some of the reasons are poverty and sociological issues. There are some black people who choose to live in black areas than white areas. There are some areas in town that are nice communities and there is still a division of white and black neighborhoods in the same ZIP code. These neighborhoods are more middle class than impoverished. I don't know the reasoning for it or how it happened that way. There is obviously more violence and crime in black areas than in white, but today I don't think that it is solely out of lack of privilege. If more (black) people would actually make an effort and work towards something bigger, then maybe they wouldn't feel that they need to steal from other people or commit crimes.

    I have had a lot of disadvantages throughout my life. Even when I was in grade school and high school, I had fewer advantages over some of the black kids. I was always put last, even to the point of being shorted or cheated by not getting something that the other kids got. While I know some black people who have it worse than me for various reasons, I know a lot of black people who have more and greater successes than I have. I don't know their stories, but I do feel that most of them actually earned what they got. They went to school and applied themselves, and worked for their money, and not the other way around. You get what you put into it.

  • Black Privilege is so Obvious the fact people dont see it is delusional beyond explanation

    White people have no power in society and at this point I think everyone knows it (and I am a former BLM supporter and protester, but the same thing that made me hate the hypocrisy and injustice I saw in the news coverage of black men and women shot by police and the way whites white washed things, is the same hatred of hypocrisy and suppression that makes it impossible to ignore this fact.

    Whites cannot speak freely or honestly about their struggles, issues, the discrimination faced in a constant onslaught of articles and posts about how evil white people are and how cowardly white people are etc to the 800 whites murdered and assaulted in hate crimes .... They have no voice unless it is a punching bag for a movement that half the time wants their support and half the time wants to treat those who support the movement and are white worse than racist skinheads ....

    Black people can literally say anything they want no matter how racist, sexist, vile, cruel or wrong it is and nothing will happen

    Whites speak the truth on the racism and oppression they face and they get mobbed at their house and their nose broken the next day... Totally not indicative of who holds more power.

    They also control the sources of reference (wikipedia and even Google and facebook bow to any black concern even if it is a factual reporting of something that undermines an argument of white racism... Whites tend to get pushed down and suspended even before being stupid enough to ask for the same or even just fair and actual truth-based judgement ....

    And there was a congressional hearing necessary due to nonviolent gay , Jewish and black along with white non racist, non sexist speakers who are the most benign believed people in the world being shut down, mobbed , physically attacked and their free speech infringed upon in universities across the nation with the university staff and teachers support .

    The same is even more so the case in middle and high schools, preschools and 1-5 as well...

    When it comes to employment, no one gets fired for being black, but recently two women were fired from their jobs despite the owner of the vegan cafe they worked at acknowledging in his statement of their firing that they had done nothing wrong when they closed their store at closing time and were unable to serve a customer who came after this time who happened to be black and delusionally or maliciously insisted this , not the fact the store was closed, was why she was not allowed to do as she damn well pleased ... Rules, regs and closing times be damned. Since the women followed the rules ... She took revenge and they were fired because despite not espousing any racist beliefs or statements or holding any ... She 'felt' it was racism and that trumped the truth.
    Black people have ALL the power.

  • No they’re not

    Nowadays everyone believes they’re right
    now there is some racist white people that i will admit
    but there is a lot of racist black people nowadays
    saying someone’s ‘so white’ would be considered racist if it was the other way round
    loads of people have been telling me white people owe black people something
    no they do not i cannot disagree more
    slavery ended ages ago
    black people now don’t have anything to do with it
    stop acting as if you were there and as if you were a slave because YOU weren’t
    and white people now are the same as you just different skin colour
    there is no slave leaders around now to owe you something
    blacks need to learn how to give white people a chance

  • Not anymore they're not.

    It's not black and white. Some black people are rich. Some white people are poor. Some black people came to America from Africa this decade and were not affected by Americas racist history the way many other African Americans were. Some white people came here from Europe this decade and did not benefit from Americas racist passed the way many white people whose ancestors came over here a long time ago have. White people can suffer from disease, loss of a loved one, domestic violence, sexual abuse and poverty and be less privileged that a rich, middle class or even poor black person who has not suffered from these things. Some white people like my grandmother lived in nazi work camps in the 1940s. They weren't benefitting from racism they were in nazi work camps! They were victims of it! Some white people might have been victims of genocide in Bosnia. In the 1990s 30,000 Bosnian Muslims were killed! If you come here from Bosnia after loosing your entire family you aren't privileged! You didn't benefit from racism. You escaped a Genocide you were a victim of it. Compare this person to a rich Nigerian who came here and didn't suffer from racism. It's not black and white. Not all white people have it great and not all black people suffer in life.

  • Black are better because

    Black people (me) are smart plus the White people think that the black people are poor but they are not. And my last thing is that white people are always being racist saying rude things about black which means that the White need to learn a lesson from the black

  • No, they are not

    I am a white female. I was born into a society in the 60's of an all white community. In addition I was born to an impoverished family with the absence of a father who abruptly left before I was born. As a female, I face discrimination every day. As a poor child in a middle class community I faced discrimination as people perceived me as " white trash" although I didn't recognize this at such a tender age as what it was. Today, I have a good job, a home of my own and it was because I worked through it, sucked it up and made something of myself. Privilege is colour blind. Its about circumstance and nothing more.

  • Not really no

    If I was so privleged why is it that I know lots of black people better off then me. The answer is they worked hard and did well. It's the same with successful white people. 6p years ago there was white privlege but now I think not. It's just another form of victim culture who's the biggest victim. This type of thinking is dangerous and racist in it self. It tells black peole don't work hard it's pointless your a victim. Don't go to college it's pointless dont get a job it's pointless. I free up very poor but according to minorities I lived in a mansion because I'm white. Wtf

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