• Neither more Racist!

    Had vote to post! Racism has NO COLOR. You ever look at the meaning of racism?
    A more interesting question to pose would be what is your definition of racism X or X? To me racism isn't only defined by using Racist language or lynching.

    Asking if one race over another is more "racist" is racist in itself!

  • Well of course they are racist

    I mean whoever killed thousands of people in Detroit throughout the decades. Or who has formed a group for the superiority of hispanics. Who tried to butchered Korea Town in South LA in the 90's?

    White people that is who. I'm an American who emigrated from Colombia, and I have no illusions about race, is not racist as long as is black or hispanic the one doing the questioning/damage/threatening.

    Posted by: N711
  • How about we all stop being racist??

    I'm not saying yes and i'm not saying no, but we all should stop being racist. Now I have met a white lady who rolled her eyes at me and muttered "nigger" under her breath when I asked if she was in line. I have met a few people who were white and they were racist, but how about EVERYONE stop judging someone against race! We are all equal! Stop with the "Oh I heard a black person called me a cracker hueueheueueu" and stop with the "A white person called me chocolate and they was making monkey noises". STOP BEING RACIST. #WeAreAllEqual

  • Yes, anyone can be racist but white people tend to be more as they feel superior throughout history

    Ok so one unpopular or unknown example is the 18th 19th century when British colonized "British guiana" now Guyana. They brought over east Indians to work as indentured laborers for their families back home, some went back to india after working and some stayed in Guyana because of good treatment compared to caste system in India. Now at the same time, Africans were enslaved and transported to guyana as slave laborand were beat and treated inhumanly . There isn't an excuse for not knowing right and wrong or else they would've enslaved the Indians and forced them, which at least they didnt do that. Definitely racist and definitely ignored.

  • Because they don't have a white history month

    This correct because, all we ever been taught was white history and they all of a sudden hate us because we have a black history month. So why are they mad? I don't know but what i do know is that they hate us cause the way we look and act

  • White people victimize themselves when minorities voice their anger

    If you look at our culture as a whole, we favor white people majorly. White people are seen as more beautiful, smart, and civilized while black people and other minorities are demonized and targeted by the police. When you're reading a book, most people automatically assume the characters are white unless stated otherwise. When watching TV, white people are usually the protagonists. White people are inheritably racist because they benefit from a system in which oppresses minorities.

  • Yes, white people often think themselves superior.

    If we are to look at the world's history, as civilization progressed, white people often considered themselves to be superior to those of most all other races, especially the dark skinned ones. Because white people dominate and have more benefits, the feelings of those they demean can not be called racist.

  • In my opinion white people tend to be more racist, Than black people.

    The stereotypes commonly seen as satire count as racism, And even though there tend to be racist black people, Its normally because of their environments, And the same elderly people that are being targeted, Are causing the fights that get the blacks in trouble. The N word is not a joke, You see more black people in ghettos because there is more to our lives than most may see. I'm attending school full of white people when I'm used to blacks, And i see why the blacks act why they act. They are raised in a place where they are undermined by the whites when they try and build up, And growing up with barely any food to eat besides rice, Ramen noodles, And canned food isn't so commonly seen in black households because we love those foods, Its because its hard trying to get some food to eat, When the whites employing you are normally racist because they're used to more ignorant blacks. Sleeping on the floor with just a pillow and a quilt that grandma made is not comfortable, Gunshots before i go to sleep are not a lullaby, And anything said is normally coming from a place of hurt. Caucasians tend to more easily offended as well, We take what we can get and see it as tough love, But normally white people are taking offense to everything, Because the majority of them are raised in happy households. The real ignorance in the lack of understanding the struggle of a black man or boy in the streets keeping a gun on him so he doesn't get robbed, And getting arrested when cops stop him for no reason. Learn to respect and understand my daily struggle before you assume it's just that easy to leave section 8, Food stamps, Or even the projects.

  • Racism is an biological intuition...

    ...Of which we all have the same amount (on average). It comes from times of past where our ancestors would coexist with people of the same skin colour. Some 'modern' people will tap into this intuition as a means of 'trusting your gut feeling', others will progress past this nonsensical appeal to biological babble and see it for what it is. Regardless, all ethnicities have roughly the same innate sense to be racist.

  • From my experience

    I live in a pretty diverse city and i have to say the majority of racism seems to come from younger black people.They say white people are weak a** P*ssys,crackers,Complain about it being racism when they don't get their way.I saw a video that went all over the school kids twitters of a black girl trying to fight a white girl just because she was white.

    Now racism also comes from white people around here just not in the amount that it comes from teens

  • Blacks are more racist in general

    At least working class blacks are. I live in Britain and most of them have families who refuse to even talk to white people who are dating their daughters/sons.

    If that were the other way round people would avoid you on the streets, but blacks seem more friendly with families like that rather than less.

    Now obviously there are plenty of cultured black people who are not like that, but I've never seen such ondonement of racism in any other ethnic group.

  • The film black nativity

    Would white people be allowed to make a film called white nativity, with an all white cast. I think not. Therefore I would say that white people are not more racist, but there is a general fear of white people being racist to black people and not the other way around.

  • I met some racists before...

    I know a lot of white people. The racist ones stick out like a sore thumb, they make it evident. Almost all the black people I met growing up were racists. The ones I know now, are not. I don't normally even think about "race" unless the TV is making a big deal about it. Like calling that Mexican that shot that black teenager a "White Hispanic". Other than that, race doesn't even cross my mind.

  • I've never met a racist white person.

    I'm rather young, yes, but in the handful of years I've been alive, I've never met a truly racist white person. I've met racist Mexicans, or racist black people... But never a white person that wanted to lynch someone or call anyone the "n-word". In fact, most of the white people I've met tend to be rather uncomfortable about it.

    Of course I'm not ignorant to the fact that the world doesn't revolve around my town- I know racism exists, and is still a current thing happening in America. So I could be wrong about my stance... I'm only choosing the "no" side because of my own personal experiences with whites.

  • Your race doesn't make you racist.

    Sure, Racist white people exist. But racist minorities exist as well. It isn't a competition on who's more racist. The problem itself is a significant enough amount of people are racist toward other races, Usually not their own. That is what we need to be concerned about when it comes to racism. Don't just focus on the fact that they are white, Focus on their behavior and what comes out of their mouth.

  • White people are not more racist simply because they are white

    Just because I am white, Does not mean I am anymore racist than my black friend. Assuming this is like assuming that black people are more violent than whites simply because more black people are in jail. It's just not morally correct, And you most definitely are being racist just by stating that all white people have even some degree of racism, Simply because they are white. Peace.

  • It's equal lol

    I'm not gonna say that black people are the most racist cause there are a lot of white racists too. But blacks are just as racist as well, and you can't deny it. The only difference is the cards are in their favor and they can get away with whatever they feel like. Thanks to Sharpton. If Sharpton was out of business, this nonsense would stop. And black society would be one that's responsible.

  • No they arent

    The whites are not more racist. In fact. Blacks are more racist then we are. Listen to their rap songs. There like "White crackers be bringin me down!" You see that thing on the internet going around called the knockout game? Yeah, that's blacks targeting whites. (Particularly elderly citizens) The blacks just feel victimized. This is hypocritical since they bully and kill whites. It's bafoonery.

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I think it depends on where you live.