• They have no flexibility.

    Yes, wilderness protection laws are too rigid, because they do not allow private companies and landowners the flexibility that they need in order to work with the land. Wilderness is a good thing, but there can also be too much of a good thing. People still need to be able to do things to earn a living on the land that they own.

  • Not strict enough

    The wilderness is even getting wrecked with these laws and regulations. Its just a matter of time before we go too far and ruin a whole ecosystem. The balance needs to be upheld and if we push at it too hard, well something is going to go really wrong and come back five fold.

  • They are not rigid enough.

    The wild is a dying place, with people throwing and littering more and more, and increasingly becoming more ignorant to the fact that those trees are what keeps you alive. It is a shame that no one respects the environment, but we should at least have good laws to prevent bad things.

  • not rigid enough.

    Who are we to be so arrogant that we think we can just tear down anything we want and build wherever we want, without worrying about what harm it's doing. There are so few people who care about the environment, and thi is a huge reason as to why the world is falling apart.

  • Wilderness protection laws are not rigid enough.

    Wilderness protection laws are not rigid enough. We should be doing better at trying to protect our wilderness and make sure that our wildlife population is not suffering. Right now over fishing and hunting of the wrong animals is too big of a problem in the country and something should be done.

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