• Yes, wildfires are increasingly becoming more deadly.

    Wildfires are increasingly becoming more deadly because the population continues to expand, and more people reside on the same amount of land. Because the population density is growing, wildfires are able to come into contact with more dwellings, and more people are affected. When more people are affected, the likelihood of deaths increases.

  • Yes, wildfires are becoming more deadly.

    Wildfires are increasingly becoming more deadly. This is because people continue building homes in areas that are highly susceptible to wildfires. The inner-mountain west contains many communities that are built at the base of mountains, and some are even built on mountains. Building homes in areas that often have wildfires increases the chances that people will lose their lives in these fires.

  • Between the weather and urban sprawl

    Folks who can afford to, often choose homes a distance from their neighbors. Spreading out, into the hills and woods and dis-used farmland. Then, in years when the weather is especially dry, they are at high risk from wildfires. There's only so much protection a fire department can provide against a large fire that's fed by dead grass and trees and blown about by winds. Wildfires move quickly and can be impossible to escape from.

  • We can fight them better.

    Wildfires are become more and more of a problem, but I do not believe that they are more deadly. Thanks to today's advanced technology and equipment, we can keep people safer from wildfires and notify them more quickly. This helps to keep the fires contained and avoid a large number of casualties.

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