• Wind is the new energy.

    Wind will be a very important power source. This is because we need a cheaper alternative to oil, and wind can provide that. Also, if an oil crisis ever hits us, we can use wind forever. Wind will allow us to function through any il crisis, and we can supply Europe with our surplus oil,which will take away Russian influence in those countries.

  • Wind is Next

    Once all our natural resources for energy are depleted, all we'll have left are the things we can't take too much of. Wind energy is just as sufficient as any other kind of energy. It's the harvesting of it that can be difficult because you need places to put windmills and generators. Wind energy is definitely the energy of the future.

  • Yes, wind farms are the energy of the future.

    Wind farms are the energy of the future. The power produced by wind energy is clean, renewable, and does not pollute the environment. Wind farms will become increasingly less expensive to build as investments in technology is made. Additionally, wind farms can produce reliable energy in areas that lack in other energy producing infrastructures.

  • Yes, wind farms are the energy of the future.

    Yes, wind farms are the energy of the future because it will never go to waste. We will not lose the ability to harness wind power and it is replenished constantly. We must look to more renewable sources of energy and get away from oil. Oil will run out soon enough.

  • Wind farms will not be the energy of the future

    Wind farms will not be a major energy source in the future. Although it has proven to be effective, this is only over a small land space, such as Denmark. There are more efficient uses of energy, such as natural gas. Solar is currently expensive, but should come down in price as technology advances.

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